Peanuts Mysore

This is a quick dessert prepared when short of ideas. Peanuts in the pantry play a quick respite to churn out the most delectable, fluffiest and crumbly sweet. This recipe is inspired from Kamalabai Ogale’s Ruchira.

Bataase: Sugar drops

When I checked for Bataase in the Asian stores….They were available packed in plastic containers. However on checking carefully, I noticed that more than half of Batase were crumbled in the container!! I dropped the idea of buying them. Instead decided to make them at home. Here they are slightly thin, but were good enough … More Bataase: Sugar drops

Tilgul, traditional sugar beads..challenging yet rewarding

It has been quite sometime since I published a post on the blog. Yes, work has been hectic as usual with a busy first term getting used to the new team and  of course the students. It is almost 8 years now since I am in this experiance. Everyone wakes up in the morning to get ready for their … More Tilgul, traditional sugar beads..challenging yet rewarding