Xperiments with Cakes

Cooking had never been a part of me until, the day I landed in our England’s kitchen. Meeting my son’s demands and my hubby’s likings discovered a cook in me. Took a step ahead, started inviting friends around for dinner, I know this is what everyone does but it wasn’t easy..no not for me. I had to chalk out the menu and the minutest details of the dishes, which I had failed to observe in my mum’s kitchen. But hey!! I could do it….of course  I had to ring my mum n number of times for help. With my two lovely guinea pigs at home(that’s my son and husband) my likings grew in  leaps and bounds and now I can say that I love the culinary world. Fortunately, I have lovely friends in my town who have similar likings as well and we always have great get togethers.

My parent’s recent visit to UK helped me discover a bit more about cooking…especially the baking and the cake decorating part. I baked cakes, decorated cakes, served cakes, ate cakes, sang about cakes and now I love cakes…hence my blog…..isingcakes!   Here’s a glimpse of my new passion….please click on each picture for more details. I have created a different category for cakes. 


28 thoughts on “Xperiments with Cakes

  1. Marvelous cakes…… want to book my order now, Would you be able to provide me with your Price list of cakes please.

    Definately want the cake for 30 children.

  2. Hey….

    Nice one Preeti Tai… Khup chan… if hey are egg less i would really like to taste them… 🙂

  3. Preeti…… all the cakes look so beutiful…. Mazya tondat pani aal aahe. you ask rajesh to find out some way so that we can even teaste the things online….

  4. You are an awesome artist and a cook too Preeti Tai. 🙂

    I would love to taste them all. Hope so you come here earlier.

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