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Thank you for stopping by. I am an Indian born, brought up partly in Bengal and Maharashtra now living in the United Kingdom. I work in a special needs school and utilize my leisure time learning and creating different forms of arts and crafts. I am married to a doting husband and have a young and charming man as 16 years my son.

During my stay in India, I had a couple of ladies as a domestic help . My polyanchya ajii(one who rolled chapaati) arrived early hours of the morning for polya and cleaning and chopping my vegetables. And did I enjoy cooking then?…no, not at all!! Ever since we moved to the UK, our palates have been yearning for the true Indian taste in food we eat.  Very few restaurants satisfied our likings. I love sweets, especially Indian sweets. Again, the lack of good outlets serving these made me think and recall from the past and apply my average cooking skills. Now in the English kitchen, I enjoy cooking traditional as well as other cuisines. Apart from that yes, I clean my house, washing up clothes and vessels are possible because of my buddies ..the washing machine and the dishwasher(or else, I will need to employ my hubby dearest!)  Baking was a Eureka which I am surprised at times about:) Well, I realised, I could manage cooking and baking altogether. Rather than jotting the recipes down in a diary, my husband suggested me about the virtual world and blogging. And here we are….

I believe, seeking both my profession and my passion at the same time has enabled me to achieve a kind of balance  in my life. This blog is a collection of my passion, my hobbies, my crazes and all my experiences as I learn and apply .

Few years ago, I started a section in my blog Ruchira Videshini, my effort to rise to Late Kamalabai Ogale’s( the author of  Ruchira) standards and preserve her original recipes. I am trying my best to adapt the recipes to suit the modern kitchen and with substitutes wherever needed for the possibility of different situations, locations around the world or the lack of resources. I enjoy presenting our traditional recipes by adding a pleasing look to the dish.

As we know, necessity is the mother of invention; cooking is my necessity as I am away from home and the cook in me is the new invention. Baking is just another eureka for me. I am hugely inspired by Kamalabai Ogale’s Ruchira cook book. I am aiming to cook as many recipes as I can from Ruchira to bring back traditional Marathi cooking on the dining table with a modern twist or presentation….of course by following the traditional framework of cooking! The blog is updated with the photographs of the preparation and the names in one blog post to keep it simple to view. In case you need the recipes, I will suggest you buy the book. It is a must have in your kitchen and your future generations will be grateful if you hand this book over to them.

I have learned a lot with my blog journey…be it cooking, plating, understanding the techniques, flavours, combining the flavours and the colours, developing a palate for all cuisines and of course photography. My old posts and photographs are a reminder for me to check my starting point….until today 🙂

I hope you all enjoy my little space here. Please do feel free to leave your valuable comments and suggestions.

Happy reading…..

Different Strokes
Sweet ‘n’ Savory

81 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Hey Preeti,

    Thanks a ton for that dedicated post. It’s a great honour. I am so pleased, although I can’t really say that I currently deserve it. I have really been neglecting my blog terribly. But it is things like this that get me all motivated all over again. thanks again . It is very sweet of you to mention my name and blog.

    1. Hi Anupama,
      Thanks for commenting. Yes, I have been following your blog and am surprised by my culinary expression since then. Do come back to your blog writing. Sorry I was away for a week, so couldn’t reply earlier.

  2. Preeti, thanks a bunch for visiting me and for all your lovely comments. am glad that you liked my work. this is my first time here and you too have a great space here. I understand that you and I share a same passion for art n craft. cake decoration is my new passion and am glad to see that you are into it. hope to learn many more tricks of the trade from you. looking forward to your next post. happy to b your follower.

    1. Hi Sayantani,
      Nice to see you here and your comment. I am a novice in bloggers world and managing to post because I have a summer holiday. Hopefully I will be able to continue to do this after i get back to work in 3 weeks time. Keep in touch!

  3. u have a lovely blog dear…….m ur happy follower now…do try n participate i my on-goin event…n the cakes are looking lovely wid icing….as acheery on cake…yum yum

    1. Shanthi, Thank you for making me feel welcome in this world. Nice to see you here. Keep visiting.
      Shriannalakshmi, I shall try posting the procedures from my next post. Thanks for all the appreciations.
      Padhu, Thanks for visiting my blog. Will surely visit your blog.
      Take care, all of you.

  4. Preeti

    Thank you for sharing your Award with me. I am keen to follow your blog but not able to figure out how to do this as I can’t see a “Follow” button. You have a lovely blog.

  5. Dear Preeti,

    Got ‘jolt’ of surprise to see this site and work from you. Very nice one.
    Post also your patented ‘Pedhe’ recepie.

    Abhay and Shilpa

    1. Hi Abhay- Shilpa,
      Thanks for your comments. I shall shortly post recipes which includes pedha..though not my patent they are all searched on net, books, kamlabai ogale’s ruchira etc and tried!! 🙂

  6. Hi Preeti,
    Lovely blog dear, cakes r really beautiful and mouthwatering.
    Amazing.I am impressed by your creativity. all the best.

  7. When are you come to India Preeti? It would be my pleasure to meet you all. please let me know the time so that we can plan it from right now. I dont want to miss this great opportunity.

  8. hello,

    i have created a blog called ‘ DASHAMI’S COLLECTION ‘.I will be happy if you visit my blog. Try the recipes and please comment. You can join my blog if you like.

    1. I tried commenting on the site but it hasn’t been approved ..very smart they are Sanghamitra!! Yes, we will fight against plagiarism!!
      I am glad you like my place,do visit again.

  9. You are simply great!!!!! I like your recepies. They will help so many young ladies who are newly entered in the cooking world. Thank you so much!!! God bless you!!!

  10. Preeti,
    This is the post where I have all the information written. If you have questions, ask. If you are on facebook, let me know and I will add you to the group http://versatilekitchen.blogspot.com/2011/11/bake-thon-in-december-2011.html.
    Basically we will be baking something everyday in december and blogging about it. You will have to blog every day even when you can bake few things together whenever you find time. We’ll link to each other and work like a group. No recipe is given and you can pick whatever you want to bake as long as it is not meat. Eggs are fine. Let me know if this is something you want to do.

  11. Absolutely magnificent,Super Taste,amazing creativity,too good presentation of all aspects in Cake.

    Celebrating my Sons first Birthday and the cake made was just amazing.
    Preeti you made our celebration special with this cake and we would remember it for rest of our lives

  12. In your chakli recipe, what does this line mean?
    Approximately 1 cup of water to strain it through and make a paste once boiled. You may need less amount of water at times.
    Is this to mix the maida and moong dough with?
    And why do you think recipes ask us to steam the maida for chaklis?

    1. I have noticed in UK that some daals need different volume of water to either boil them or mash them later. Yes, this is the quantity enough to make the chakli dough with maida and daal.
      Steaming flour is recommended as the moisture and heat soften it and bring out its flavor …also it is the healthier option. I hope that helps Natasha. Thank you for visiting my page:)

      1. Thank you, Preeti for your prompt response. I’ve never made chaklis, sev and neoris for Christmas before, but plan to amke them this year. Fingers crossed and I’m praying for beginner’s luck. Some of the neori/ karanji crust seemed soggy..would you know why?
        I’ll let you know how everyhting progress.
        Thanks again. Love from Pune.

      2. Hi Natasha, thanks for your love from Pune especially from HDFC colony…majhe maher:)))
        You will be fine, dont worry. Fry your chaklis’ with love on low flame and store them in an air tight container..sometimes adding a tablepoon of rice flour adds to the crunch. Let me know how they go.

  13. Hi Preeti
    I recently came to know about Ruchira and through google, landed up here. From all the searches i came to know, the original version of Ruchira in Marathi is the real bible of recipes and although there is an english version, it is not same as the original. I am not a marathi and so having the original book in marathi will not help me. But i do like to know the different regional cuisines and have ordered the English version of it. After going thru what you have done here, i am wondering if you can do the exact translation/replica of the original one? That would help a great deal to many who may not understand Marathi 🙂

    1. Hi Sandhya, thank you for stopping by. Kamalabai Ogale’s iconic book surely is a cooking Geeta for all Marathi cooks. I have learned immensely from the book right from the basic to the complicated recipes. Each holds a special place in my heart. I can’t translate the recipes into English unfortunately. The publishers already have an English version. Marathi book is in Devanagari script and bit of google search to help with the translation might support you. Keep up the spirit to learn, you will excel for sure! 😊

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