Belated Women’s Day celebration, reminiscing regional collective wisdom

A late post here, but all for a good reason. After my mother-in-law passed away in August 2017, the family is going through a wave of shock. I have not managed to update this blog with a proper post. However, those who have been following me @myukkitchen on Instagram will know that my efforts popularising Marathi cuisine in the West are still on.  Thank you for all the love on my Instagram account, this certainly motivates me to carry on with the work to bring the lesser-known-cuisines to the forefront. 

I am so chuffed to inform about the next project in line. What began as a constructive distraction during my sabbatical last year, will soon culminate in a print work. Yes, a book is finally in the making!
This Marathi cookbook harkens back to my childhood spent at Ambejogai, Aurangabad, Durgapur, Calcutta(Kolkata), in Pune and later my time spent at Jalna… to add to that there is a chapter about some interesting experiments #myukkitchenThe book reminisces food and is a tribute to the women who have inspired me to create and love food.
So stay tuned for the next update! Keep cooking and stay happy!

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