Quest for Regional cuisines from India and a review on Rajah’s Heat and Stir products

May and June are proving to be quite busy. I am glad I managed to finish my Ruchira cooking-through challenge.  For those who are visiting this page, here is a post about my journey cooking through Ruchira, a legendary Marathi cookbook by Late Kamalabai Ogale. I have cooked the Marathi recipes from the book. The whole journey has given an immense knowledge about the techniques and the ingredients involved in the process of cooking Marathi recipes.

I have had many people ask me about my next challenge. To be fair, I did not give any thought to other challenges. I had actually taken up multiple challenges whilst cooking through the book and culminating the journey by inviting people at home and cooking traditional Marathi Thaali (Fannie’s last supper esque). Next, I would like to be around for Junior who is writing his A levels. Now that I have learnt cooking, I feel there is a whole new world of regional cuisines that I need to explore, just not Marathi cuisine. There is a need to raise awareness about various meals served in India. Indian cooking is certainly more than Butter Chicken, Naan and Biryanis’.

We can see there has been a sudden shift in terms of how Indian food is being presented. This possible could be a precursor to showcase more regionally focussed cuisine from India. I see #dipinthekitchen sponsored by Rajah Spices where Dipna is making a great effort at showcasing Indian cuisine to the wider community. People are making an effort both at individual and community effort to rediscover the lesser known cuisines around the Indian Subcontinent. 

On my level, I plan to get into robust research in Marathi cuisine hence on. There is an effort to put together anecdotes, memories and reflections from my life  I had to overcome the barrier for cooking. With my experience, I want to offer guidance and hope to someone facing similar challenges. I am writing about the neutral state of mind towards cooking, which later developed an obsession towards the life skill involving so many challenges in #myUKkitchen. I giggle when I think of the numerous events built up during the journey. I have overcome all those hurdles and I have learned so much!! What a turning point it is now that my problem is solved!! I CAN COOK!! Further, I wish to explore more and write about the whole experience. I hope this believable conclusion about the whole journey will motivate others out there, who have refrained from cooking.

Recently I was sent these review packs from Here and Now 365. These are Rajah’s Heat & Stir food packs. Rajah was founded back in 1931 when a former Indian army officer yearned for home cooked food in London and realised there was a market for this. He opened up a small shop called  Bombay Emporium and began importing high quality spices from India to London.

Rajah 2

I feel these take the heat of the whole process of cooking. For someone who baulks cooking these quick meals are a great respite. Quite so in my case, I was busy with a course recently and had to churn a quick meal for my son to allow him the time to revise. I had no time for the elaborate spreads which I had been doing till date. Hence, I opened these packs Dal Tarka and Dal Makhani(just in case he preferred one of these to eat). I was able to cook the whole meal in just 20 minutes, the majority of the cooking time was for boiling rice and rolling roti though. Rajah’s Heat and Stir meals were ready in just 5 minutes.

Dal Tarka is Chana dal and red split lentils with a mix of spices. I seasoned it to my taste. I liked Dal Makhani the best. The concoction of cooked lentil made from Urad dal and Red Kidney beans simmered in a creamy gravy with spices made a great combination with the piping hot rice and roti.

Rajah 1

Suggested usage of the meals is very easy and my son reckons it will be a great respite when he starts his University and needs a quick meal churned out. I am so happy to receive Rajah’s  palette-pleasing masala namely ground turmeric and cumin to carry on my cooking.

Here is to developing awareness about Regional Cuisines from India!!




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