Review Diwali Hamper from ASDA


उद्या पासून दिवाळी.

दोन पणत्या दारात…

आठवणीच्या काढते रांगोळी..

फराळाची परात, तोरण-कंदील ही दारात.

माणसे मात्र जीवाची, जपली उरात.

उद्या पासून दिवाळी.

दोन पणत्या दारात…

Ever since we moved to the UK, we have always missed our near and dear ones especially on all the festive occasions. Home, our parents, sibling and friends now are just a not place and people for us…but are a feeling.

Every year we look forward to the festival of lights. It can be tricky at times when the whole of Britain carries on being at work during Diwali days. It is always a rush managing both work and the festivities. Plus the Autumn season makes it all the more difficult. The days are shorter and with the layers on due to the nip in the air it looks nowhere close to Diwali.I have to make sure I have my list ready a couple of weekends before the Diwali day. A trek to the Asian store is made to make sure my pantry is inclusive of all the things I need for my Diwali goodies. Then on the main day, getting back from work in the dark and changing into the traditional attire and making sure everything is in place including the lamps, flowers, sweets and then it just gets over within minutes.

This year though, things are different. Fortunately, I have a half term break!! I love my job for the same reason. By sheer luck, half term break and Diwali have coincided so well!! To top it up, I must mention this lovely Diwali hamper that arrived from ASDA. This wonderful hamper brimming with lovely goodies was carefully delivered to my neighbour’s house as I was at work. My neighbour handed it over to me and said” careful it is damn heavy…have a lovely birthday!” :). He surely must have thought it is my birthday considering the size of the hamper!!


It indeed is packed with lovely goodies from personal care to cooking selections like basmati rice, chickpeas, Rajah chilli powder, KTC pomace oil . My son managed to lay his hands on the snacks and drinks included in the hamper….and they were gone in no time. He thoroughly enjoyed munching on to the Bombay mix and Rubicon Mango Juice. I can think of loads of rice preparations to make with the basmati rice they have packed for me. Here is link to some of the rice recipes one could make with the basmati rice.

I am loving the homecare range while I am cleaning and preparing all my Diwali food. It has made my work in the kitchen absolute easy. The whole hamper has been put together with such care. I love the cane basket they have packed the hamper in as my floral garlands have found a lovely place in them and will make it to the walls on the puja day. A perfect prop for the food bloggers I must mention!!


Tel-Utne is a part of Diwali traditions and am so happy to see Vatika Amla Hair Oil and a Vatika Honey facewash placed in the personal care. Very thoughtful!!

ASDA is truely a place where one can shop for the family and they help their customers live better indeed!

May I wish everyone a great Diwali! I hope this Diwali brings more joy, hope and prosperity in everyone’s lives!!





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