Jwarichya Kharodya: Great in between meal munchies and a little about usrya and begmiche padaaarth

Traditionally, sandge are the first which are prepared after Gudhi Padwa.  Moog vade/sandge are lentil mix(soaked and ground) which are sundried in nugget form to be used during the year. A supari (symbolising Ganpati) is placed before beginning the process. Ladies apply haldi-kunku(turmeric and vermillion to symbolise  prosperity and long life) on the supari before the little nuggets are placed to sun dry.  Other Valvana like kharodya, papad, khari mirchi et al are prepared after this. No vaalvan is done before Padwa, if at all needed, upasache vaalvan are fine to be done before that. There surely must be reason behind this to do with the weather conditions!!


Usrya: Dehydrated vegetables clockwise from top left talnichichya mirchya, lal maath, moogache saandge, methi, bora, chuka


Kharodya topped the list ,as I always loved pairing them with peanuts! Packed with the goodness of bajri or jwari lightly spiced with grated or chopped vegetables hidden. Sun drying preserve their nutrients and protects them from bacteria and fungus by removing the moisture. Thus the vegetables remained in the kitchen in a dehydrated form. Usrya played a major part in the kitchen inventory along with the begmiche padarth(pickles and papad) for the year. Chopped and dehydrated seasonal vegetables were thus made available for the whole year!

Pohyache paapad
Vaalavlela sabudana(Soaked, steamed and sundried) for chivda et al
Sabudana Paapdya, kurdaya


Jwarichya kharodya:
When in between meal munchies is what one craves for one would possibly grab a pack of biscuits, crisps or even chocolate bar. A fruit or a cereal bar is called for to make it healthy. Ajji or all the all the elders for that matter have always been mentioning on intelligent snacking. “What you snack on between meals can go a long way towards building your physique or the other way!

Her snacking list would always include kalavlele pohe, kadak poli-chaha, ladu, suka mevyacha chura and many more.



A handful of methi in kharodya make an amazing snack…here is how one can make these.
A cup of jwari or bajri soaked and crushed
Handful of chopped methi leaves
Green chillies/red chillies chopped
Buttermilk a cup

Soak the crushed jwari or bajri in buttermilk overnight. Next day, add in a cup of water. Add in the rest of the ingredients and cook till the mix thickens.

Stop cooking once the mixture comes together so that you can spoon on a plate. Spoon the mix into tiny bits and sundry for a couple of days or more if living in a place crying for sunshine!

These make a great snack. Can be eaten raw or fried as an accompaniment with khichadi or dahi butti! I love carrying a handful in my pockets as great munchies!


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