New ventures at Isingcakes; GitaDini Review

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.       Chinese Proverb

Truly as the Chinese proverb suggests, our journey this year began with a single step to three new ventures. It has been pretty busy at home as well as at work as usual. However, these three ventures have kept me on toes!!

We had been contemplating on a new kitchen for nearly 3 years. But this project never saw the light of the day because of some or the other reason. However last December we happened to visit some of the DIY shops and then the things just rolled in the right direction. From designing the kitchen to choosing the colours of the backsplash, all happened in just two weeks time. Junior helped me in designing the kitchen. He wanted the breakfast table on one side and he got. I was slightly apprehensive of the bold red colour he decided for the backsplash though. However, I let him choose it because he enjoys cooking and spends considerable time in the kitchen.I would like him to enjoy cooking as much as I do. R, my husband loves eating and he does join in cooking occasionally. So this room had to be a place for all three of us. So the kitchen renovation began in the first month of this year!! It was ready by the mid February and ready it had to be as we had committed to our next venture on the 20th February. Here is quick peak into our new kitchen before I inform about our next venture.


Our next venture Two Hands is a family initiative. We have two hands right? One to help ourselves and the second to help others. Hence the Two Hand a personal initiative from us to raise funds for specific cause that can change lives of people who are in need of help. Our first initiative was to support Help For Farmers  We managed raising £771!!
All monies raised went directly to Help For Farmers. HFF are raising funds to support the farmers and their families in India who are struggling for their livelihood as a result of unsustainable farming.

That is my doodling expressing my thoughts for the cause.

Imagine our lives without the farmers!! Right from the clothes we wear to the food we eat is all contributed by the hardships of the farmers. The unpredictable weather conditions and the drought has led to a miserable life for the farmers in India. The unending debts have further led to the farmers committing suicides. It is a shame that the farmers are forcing themselves to the extremes for the weather faults.
Help For Farmers are a group of enthusiasts committed to make a difference in the lives of struggling farmers in Marathwada and Vidarbha. With their initiative they wish to bring hope and smile in the lives of our farmers.
As the price of anything is always the amount of life we exchange for it!! So we decided to spend some time and raise money to make a little difference in the lives of our farmers in India. The staple food of the rural and our beloved farmers, traditionally has been as simple as Bhakri accompanied by just a raw onion, a dry chutney and times Zunka or pithle. So our menu comprised of
Zunka, Bhakri ,Pithle, Bhaat, Daanyachi chutney,Thecha, Kanda
Dessert: gulpapdi che laadu


It was an amazing event and the next we plan very soon to raise fund for a Special Needs School in India.I will keep you all posted about it.

And the third venture is very creative. My sister who lives in India is very creative. I love creating stuff too. Along with her I decided to bring my creative strands to some reality. Aathavan, Memories from Maharashtra is very dear to both of us. Aathvan or Memories… yearning for the past. We often yearn for our childhood and the time spent with our parents. For a few others, it is the time spent in our motherland with both parents and in-laws.When you live away from home, there are days when you just wish to return to the home port!

3 combination


Distance not only gives one memories but a perspective and an objectivity!! Memories of traditional pounding of spices and the food spread on festive occasions, petrichor followed by the tapri chai and wada-paav, ajji’s soft godhadi(quilt blanket), aai’s(mum’s) saree, a scarf knitted by mother-in-law, aaroli from the vegetable vendors, the rangoli at the doorstep, haldi kunku offered everytime a married lady visits home, books, songs and poems to name a few!! Together they all make my maaher(parents’ home in Marathi) and the aathvan (memories) associated are what I bring to you along with my sister. We hope you enjoy the journey with us as we bring our nostalgia from Maharashtra alive in creative forms.


Now during the past couple of months I have been very lucky to have received a couple of new products for review from GitaDini.  You may visit their website which shows their various range of products.It is a family business that was born of our desire for well-designed home accessories and decor, started by a husband-wife team!! I love such family ventures. All because I connect so well with the sentiments. They have created classic Indian homewares with modern interpretation! GitaDini sent me two of their products ..Rotito and Yin Yang Storage Bin Set. I am absolutely pleased with the two products!! More thrilled for the fact that  Rotito matches my brand new kitchen so well and the ying-yang shaped masala dabba fits so much into my list of contemperory, stylish yet fitting into the traditional framework of kitchen accessories!!

Masala Dabba has a unique shape of Chinese phylosophy Yin-Yang in black and white colours.

Masala Dabba

The 12 steel containers inside snuggle in perfectly and I am pleased with the air tight lids too. The dabba is provided with two tiny black spoons too.


Unlike other plastic containers, GitaDini’s plastic Masala Dabba is very sturdy and I like the fact that it is devoid of that typical ‘plasticky’ smell! Hence my khada masala have stayed absolutely fresh in it!

Next is my favourite product of the two! Rotito!! I used it so very extensively in my kitchen for the last couple of months and it has managed to withstand all kinds of robust handling an Indian kitchen needs!


I cook various types of Indian breads ranging from roti, paratha, puri to the hand patted bhakri and thalipeeth. The set comprises of the rolling board, the rolling pin and a stainless steel flour dabba. The dabba aids in storing the dusting floor and packing it away once done.


During our Two Hands venture Rotito was a part of 200 odd bhakri and it even served the purpose of a tray when turned over.  It even went around serving bhakri to our guests on the day!!


The Rotito surface has a texture which holds the dough in place thus one needs very less of flour to dust. It is made of FDA approved ABS-plastic. One may get the rolling pin either in a matching Rotito color, OR a wooden rolling pin which is hand wash only and available in three sizes.


The rolling pin is absolutely slick and light weight. The whole set is dish washer safe. However, I prefer hand washing my treasured kitchen accessories. Rotito makes my life simpler in the kitchen to wash off and place aside quickly.

Both Rotito and the Yin-Yang masala dabba have joined my kitchen to accompany me forever I am sure. Absolutely in love with these two possessions!!



2 thoughts on “New ventures at Isingcakes; GitaDini Review

  1. I am sometimes amazed by your strength to constantly innovate. That too for such noble causes. Plus you are a teacher. Hats off to you….wish you all the best with your new venture….

    1. Just, I like to keep myself occupied with some or the other project. I learn a lot from my students each day and every day. I will not be wrong if I mention that these students inspire me.

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