Peanuts Mysore

This is a quick dessert prepared when short of ideas. Peanuts in the pantry play a quick respite to churn out the most delectable, fluffiest and crumbly sweet. This recipe is inspired from Kamalabai Ogale’s Ruchira.

This recipe brings out crushed peanuts in the most crumbliest form when cooked with hot ghee. It just needs three ingredients. Roasted peanuts, ghee and sugar.
peanuts mysore

Method:(Measures are in the book. Please refer the book for the actual recipe)

In a pan heat the ghee.

In another pan set the sugar and water to make the syrup . Once the syrup gets to a one string consistency add the ground peanuts. Mix well. Cook till the mixture leave the sides of the pan. Remember the ghee needs to be kept warm all the while in the other pan. Just when the mixture leaves the sides of the pan,  add the ghee a spoon at a time into the peanuts mixture.

The peanuts mixture will bubble every time a ladle full ghee is added. You may stop after a couple of additions and empty the mixture into a pre-greased pan to set. If you wish to have more jaali(net) in the vadi you may add more. I did not wish to use more ghee, hence stopped after two ladle fulls.



Set the mixture for sometime to set. It will start hardening. Using a knife cut into squares. Keep the pan tilted in order to drain the excess ghee( this is why I mentioned not to worry about the quantity above)  The hot ghee cooks the peanuts and traps air in the vadi as it cooks forming jaali(net) which in turn gives it a crumbly texture.

The peanut squares will cool down and harden. These form a very crumbly texture in comparison to the regular daanyachi(peanuts) vadi. I suppose Shengdanyache Mysore probably gets it’s name since the process is similar to the one followed for making Mysore paak.


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