Ghewar topped with Shrikhand

I am publishing many of my posts which have ben in my archives for ages. This one holds a special place in my heart…it was a challenge set by Late Kamalabai Ogale’s daughter Ushatai,when I had a chat with her in the month of April. I promised I will work towards it and come back to her once I succeed. 6 months later, I attempted making ghewar for Vijayadashmi and succeeded. I could not wait to inform Ushatai.  I got a shocking news from her grand daughter Ruchira. Ushatai was no more. She left for heavenly abode on the 12th September 2015. I was late in conveying my success with ghewar 😦 I would like to dedicate this post to Late Ushatai.


I, of course followeed Ruchira to make the recipe. Just tweaked the serving. I served it with cardamom flavoured Shrikhand which was typed on each of the ghewar.  You may serve these ghewar with rabdi which is how traditionally these are served in Rajasthan.


For ghewar one needs:

1 cup of all purpose flour

3 tbsp of ghee heated


Ghee/oil for frying ghewar

In a bowl, mix the flour and ghee and rub with your finger tips. Set aside for some time. In a pan mix enough water and the flour-ghee mix to make a smooth batter. This is the main batter. Use a little at a time in a different vessel and adjust to a pouring consistency

In another vessel heat ghee/oil. I used a food ring to shape my ghewar frying. Place the ring in the hot ghee. Using a ladle pour the ghewar batter right in the middle of the ring. The batter starts bubbling in the hot ghee.Using a chopstick move the batter to the sides of the food ring and let it cook. Top with batter again and move the batter to the side. Each time we pour the batter, it bubbles and creates a net which cooks on the previous layer. Carry on pouring the batter for 4-5 times. Using the chopsticks press the ghewar to check if it is cooked. If it hardens, it is cooked.


Using a chopstick, demould the ghewar and drain onto a paper towel or place a chopstick through it to drain the extra ghee.


To make the sugar syrup:

1 cup of sugar

1/2 cup water

Mix the sugar with water and dissolve the sugar. Bring this boil till two thread consistency; add saffron, cardamom powder, nutmeg powder to the syrup. Drizzle the syrup onto the ghewar to soak them.


Top each ghewar with prepared Shrikhand and garnish with chopped nuts of your choice.



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