Naachni(Finger millet) Ladu

Forgot all about these ladus I prepared last week. Minimal resources of naachni/raagi/finger millet, ghee, jaggery, flattened rice, nuts and cardamom packed into these spheres. These will be a part of our breakfast for a couple of weeks. During my stay in India, I made naachni ladus. These will help my frail parents cope with the stress they are going through as Baba recoups from a stroke that he suffered recently. These ladus are very quick to make. You may either add sugar or jaggery to sweeten them. For my parents, they were less sweeter.


The ingredients one needs for the ladus are as follows:

Naachni 500g or one may use a mix of whole wheat flour and naachni

Jaggery grated 200g( or as much you need to sweeten)

Ghee 1/2 cup or less if you prefer to use less ghee

A few Cardamoms crushed

Medium flattened rice a handful

Nuts of your choice chopped

nachni ladu

In a pan melt ghee.  Fry the flattened rice and place in a bowl which you would use to add the roasted ladu mix. When easy to handle, crush the fried flattened rice with your hands.  In the same ghee, add naachni and roast. Keep roasting till the mix gives a sweet aroma. Add this mix to the bowl of fried flattened rice. Cool the mixture slightly, add cardamom, chopped nuts and grated jaggery. Mix well and roll into small spheres.


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