Today is Akshay Tritiya a day which plays an important role in our family. We moved into our new house both when we were in Pune and in England. This day will hold a special place in our heart because our dear friend KD and AD are proud parents of a bonny boy today. We are more than friends now…infact we are like families….we practically see each other more than our family back in India. So when they were expecting their family to grow by two feet, we have had our share of exciting moments. As the days neared our anxiety soared to hear the good news. I was at work when the message arrived. It doubled the happiness of the auspicious day! Happiness meant, I had to make something nice for dinner! Although after work it is sometimes rather tricky for me to organise myself for an elaborate meal yet I do make  an effort. So here is to the auspicious day and to cherish the arrival of the mini friend in this world! Gulpapdi shaped into modak …

gulpapdi 3

A simple dessert to prepare indeed.

1 cup of wheat flour

1/2 cup grated jaggery

1/4 cup ghee

cardamom seeds from a pod.. powdered

gulpapdi 4

Method: In a pan, melt the ghee and roast the whole wheat flour well. Once the flour gains a nice colour and aroma. Add jaggery to the wheat flour.Mix well. Once the jaggery melts and mixes well into the mix, add the cardamom powder and mix well again. In a pre-greased plate/tin, pour the mix and level. If you wish you may garnish it with chopped nuts of your choice. Ruchira suggests melting the jaggery and thickening it to 2 thread before mixing the flour. However, having had loads of fiascos with my jaggery stocks I get here, I decided not to risk it. Instead added it straight to the roasted wheat flour.

gulpapdi 2

I wanted to shape them into modak with the moulds. Hence I let it cool slight and then moulded them into modak. A cup(vaati) of wheat flour made 10 small modaks enough for a family of 3.


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