Tomato Omellete(eggless)

Omelletes we know are made eggs. However, during my stay in Pune, I realised that tomato omelletes were actually without eggs. Just that they had the resemblance to the omellete’s and all the vegetarians could relish it, the name probably stayed with the folks in Maharashtra.

tomato omellete

Here is a take on Ruchira’s omellete:

besan(chickpea flour)

ginger-garlic paste 

green chillies chopped as many you like

roasted cumin seeds crushed

Chopped coriander

I added 1 tablespoon of dessicated coconut

t omellete 1

My tweak is the filling. Adding a filling makes this particular omellete absolutely filling and gives an option of having it for a brunch.  For the filling grate paneer, chop onions and spinach(baby spinach for salads) if you use desi spinach chop, blanch in water and use. Season with salt, herbs and a dash of lemon juice.


Besan, ginger-garlic, green chillies, cumin seeds crushed, coriander mixed together in a bowl. To this add tomato purée made with 1 tomato. Season with salt. Heat a pan  and grease with a few drops of oil. Pour a ladleful of the besan mix and spread gently. It needs to be thick ideally. Place some filling in the centre and cover to cook. Grease the pan lightly on the sides of the omellete to help it off the pan if you need to. Uncover and fold. Cook on both the sides for another minute. Cut into two pieces at the centre. Serve with any chutney or ketchup.


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