All the family recipes are such a treasure. I always wanted to have a diary as a keep sake with all the recipes passed down in the family. We have our cousins married off to families who have their unique ways of cooking the same recipe which the girls joining in the family cook in their own special way. We started connecting with each other on watsapp thanks to a sweet group we have and share our best recipes or favourites in the family. Here is a recipe shared by my cousin which is very much a favourite breakfast or at times brunch in our family. I, however had never attempted it. It is either made with jwari flour(sorghum flour) or even wholewheat flour(atta). Once S shared this recipe I just wanted to make it as England was terribly cold last month even though we were in the month of March and I was yearning for something filling and piping hot. Ukadpendi served the purpose…gluten free and packed with nutrition!! Jwari is a gluten-free and is a very high-protein source. Thinner version of this ukadpendi could serve the purpose of a wholesome soup anytime!!

ukad pendi 1

Here is the recipe card I prepared for it :


This will be quickest post ever…enjoy this easiest and the most flavorsome one pot meal with vegetables of your choice. I haven’t come across this recipe in Ruchira and am still looking for Ruchira variation. I will update once I come across in Kamalabai Ogale’s book.


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