Waran phala(daal dhokli) tortellini style

Tortellini is a ring shaped pasta often with a filling. It reminds me of the aangthi sondesh we had as kids in Kolkata. My son loves it so much that he could have it everyday. As a toddler he called it dragon phala(not sure what made him call it by that name…but it has stuck till today) and we all call it dragon phala. My sister S, who lives in Mumbai makes her version influenced by the Gujaratis staying around her. Hence this particular recipe is an adaptation to S’s daal dhokli and my vision to see it in tortellini style. 

Varan phala

For this one needs 3 resources  : the daal, the wheat flour dough and the filling

For the dough:

2 cups of wheat flour

Ajwain/owa/carrom seeds 1 tsp

salt 1 tsp

Make a smooth dough using the ingredients and set aside.

Filling: You may use fillings of your choice. A masala of fresh grated coconut, green chillies, ginger garlic paste and so no and so forth. Even though I thought of chopped and steamed vegetables..but the fact that my dragon phala family would have not liked the idea of vegetables in their regular dragon phala 🙂

I made a dry filling.

In a pan add a tsp of oil, to this add couple of garlic pods crushed, 1 tablespoon of dessicated coconut, roasted and crushed cumin powder, chilli powder and some black salt. To this add roasted chickpea flour. Mix and keep aside.

Now to make the tortellini. Make usual chapati with the dough rolling out slightly thin.


Cut roundels using any cutter of a cookie cutter. Fill in the shapes with 1/2 tsp of the filling.


Using your finger tip moisten half the circle edge with water. Fold the other half to the moistened end like a half moon shape. Next bring the two ends together…to make it look like a ring.


Make as many tortellini you would like to go in your daal and place on a plate.

For daal:

Toor dal 1 cup

pureed tomato 1/4 cup

chopped coriander

For tempering: oil, mustard seeds, asafoetida,

grated ginger

Turmeric 1/4 tsp for pressure cooking the daal and 1/4 tsp for tempering

red chilli powder 1/2 tsp

green chillies 2 slit

salt and sugar for taste

Pressure cook 1 cup of toor dal with turmeric. The daal should be mushy when done. In a pan, temper the oil with mustard seeds, asafoetida, turmeric grated ginger and green chillies slit. To this add the daal. Add red chilli powder, pureed tomato, sugar, salt, chopped coriander. Adjust the consistency with warm water(to make it thinner) and stir. To this add the ready tortellini and bring to boil.


Serve these piping hot spice dal tortellini for a wholesome meal. Garnish with more chopped coriander if you like and squeeze in some lemon juice on top. Ideal for rainy days when you need is a bowl of these dal-tortellini and some music…

If you wish to make the traditional style of Waran phala, just roll the usual chapati and cut into squares with a knife/pizza cutter and boil them in chich-gulache waran(dal spiced with kala masala, jaggery and tamarind is used instead of tomato puree)

traditional waran phala
Traditional waran phala with the wheat flour dough cut in piecs and boiled in Waran(daal)

I am tagging this post to Ruchira Videshini category for the reason that it is similar to golyanchi amti which is my next post. My gole or dumplings here are the tortellinis.

Varan phala 2


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