Here is a quick post about Piyush a dairy drink very much quintessentially Pune dugdhalay. Recently I had invited my friend and her family for Kelvan. Since 5 desserts were on my list, too many sweets I thought may turn them away from the main course. Hence, I decided of Piyush. Strawberry piyush 2

Ruchira suggests using buttermilk, lemon juice, nutmeg powder and saffron for a regular piyush. Here I have tried using strawberries for its natural sweet and sour taste hence avoided lemon. I also used soaked wheat grains to add texture to the smooth drink.

1 pack of greek yoghurt

2-3 tablespoons of sugar

salt a pinch

150 g Strawberries

1 tablespoon of wheat grains soaked in water for 7-8 hrs(optional)

few pistachio crushed for garnishing

Instead of the nutmeg I used some dried mint

Water to adjust the consistency

Strawberry piyush

In a blender, make a strawberry puree with sugar and salt. To this add the yoghurt and give it a quick mix. Add water to get the consistensy of the drink you wish. It is ideally a thick and rich drink. Add the grains, mint and mix well. Pour this over a jug of ice cubes and garnish crushed pistachio on top.

This is the easiest of dairy drinks and packed with goodness I must say 🙂


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