Thecha is a a marathi condiment sometimes referred to as kharda in man parts of Maharashtra. We love thecha with bhakri and pithle. My husband who has been relishing thecha ever since his childhood, he prefers it extra hot. However, I like it toward the milder side. To make it milder, I cook the green chillies rather than using them raw.

thecha making

When we have barbeques, I make sure to add in a bulb of garlic, some green chillies wrapped in foils and even vegetables like aubergines and potatoes. This helps me make thecha in a jiffy while the family is enjoying the barbeque.


To make thecha one needs:

Few(20-25) green chillies

5-6 garlic cloves(I get huge garlic in UK…so you may use as per your choice)

Chopped coriander(optional)

Methi seeds






tamarind raw ..a size of a small lime(optional)

oil(if cooking green chillies in a pan) or else grind them raw.


If using tamarind. it needs crushing in a mortar and a pestle or grinding till smooth. Keep aside. In a pan add in the oil. Temper with mustard, methi seeds,asafoetida and turmeric. add the chillies and garlic. Cool.  Crush or Grind roughly the tamarind, salt, jaggery and the cooked green chillies mix together with coriander.


I normally avoid tamarind as my family prefers it without it.

thecha 2

If the green chillies and the garlic have been barbequed, the thecha will have a smoky taste and we love it. This thecha mixed in a bowl of yoghurt makes a perfect dip for thalipeeth nachos coming up soon. Stay tuned!


You may even  use red chillies to make this thecha…if using raw…it will impart a great colour…but yes, will be fiery!

thecha red


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