I have my Easter Break and P is revising for his GCSE which he writes next month. So the first part of the day we spend revising and the later I let him revise the subjects he does not need my help with. This time allows me to put together the bits of my blogging.  This morning a blogger friend Pallavi suggested on links to my tried recipes; I just realised I have managed blogging 55 recipes so far from Ruchira and 40 have been clicked but are in my archives waiting to be typed and published…fingers crossed I don’t feel the pressure but carry on as I have done in the last year…I will be updating all the links in last night’s post… and start posting the photographs as and when I prepare. Although I would like to pen down every experience I have as I read this book and cook the recipes however time seems to be the constraint. At times I feel I should just make one post and keep updating the photographs in the same post in order to keep a track. My love and my growth as a cook possibly will be conveyed anyways to Ogale bai. 

The weather is getting brighter and beautiful in my part of the world. Sunshine and the warmth reminds me of India and the summer there. Most of the meals has yoghurt or buttermilk as an accompaniment. Even a simple rice dish and bowls full of spiced buttermilk makes a meal as pleasant as it could be. Today I prepared Soji with rice and served with fried stuff from India and cups of buttermilk!! Soji 2

This particular rice preparation is as simple as it can be. I halved the original recipe :

Rice 1 cup

1/2 tsp of cumin seeds

1tsp of ghee

1/2 tsp of turmeric

salt to taste

I added a pinch of asafoetida(hing)

Soji 3

In a pan I heated the ghee and tempered with cumin seeds, turmeric and hing. To this I added the washed and drained rice. roasted it on the ghee tempering for some time till each of the grain was coated with ghee. The beautiful aroma of ghee was irresistable!! To this you may add water directly(double the quantity of rice) and cook till done or pressure cook this as you would in a pressure cooker.

soji 1

Serve this with saade varan(toor dal) or just enjoy it piping hot with a cup of freshly churned spiced buttermilk, lime pickle and fried papad.


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