Blogging through Ruchira: Joy, obsession and me!

Everyone wakes up in the morning to get ready for their jobs, I get up to be at my happy place…I work in a special needs school.  It is a world, where every day is new, every minute is different and work is but a learning process. It is a place where I draw inspiration and strength from. I love my world, as it helps me to love myself and my life more than what I would have. It is here I learn, experience, communicate, solve problems, share joys, tears, stress and love. We have all the activities …we have a curriculum to teach, discipline to follow, swim, play, paint, laugh, talk, celebrate, sing and dance!! At some other evenings I teach Indian arts and crafts to adults at a learning centre. It is indeed a great experience as I learn more than what I had decided to teach. When I have a difficult day or when I feel a bit under the weather, cooking comes as a therapy! I am also, recreating and cooking through as many recipes as possible from Kamalabai Ogale’s book Ruchira. My aim is to rise to the standards she has created. I am so much hooked on to this book now that I am creating and collecting my work inspired by Kamalabai’s recipes at one place on Facebook called as Ruchira Videshini.1907457_785430768203001_5692245802609275971_n

This is to bring in a revolutionary thinking in bringing Marathi cuisine on every table around the world in a modern way. This of course is possible only when we create within the frameworks of traditional cooking but with modern thoughts. As Kamalabai has stated in her book, Samadhanache janma Swaypakgharat hote, that is true satiety has entered my kitchen hence my household through this book which is of course my cookery Geeta! I would like more and more people to be aware of the traditional cuisine and the modern tweaks applied. I started referring Ruchira for simple reasons. One because I could cook and satisfy my Indian palate and two because there was so much to adapt to without stepping out of the traditional framework.

My journey has been exciting and has suffered its ups and downs like any other blogger does. I have met pleasant food bloggers in the process and we have tried catching up as and when possible be it in England or in India during my visit home. It is interesting to be amongst people who connect at the so well with the simplest thing as food.

I think my passion and humble efforts are good enough to reach out to the community. I may not have loads of comments and likes as quite of few blogs do. But I am happy with the readers who have connected and are with me in the journey discovering Kamalabai Ogale with me. Till this week I have been following my heart and posting as and when time permitted. However, recently I was featured in DNA newspaper in India. It has been a pleasant experiance to be compared to the Julie and Julia although it struck to me only when the editor of DNA pointed out. I knew about the film but had not thought it matched my journey as well. Since then I have been inundated with lovely emails and messages. Thank you so much everyone!! I think I need to set a target for myself to carry out this venture. However, I believe, setting a target may turn me away…I am no good at chasing a target…Ruchira has 652 recipes to be precise!!! I would like my journey to be as enjoyable and happy as possible. Hence I am setting target but it will be achievable. For now I begin with the types of rice recipes Kamalabai has quoted in her book. I may or may not give it my own tweak depending on my family’s palate. There are 25 types of rice recipes 🙂

Here is a list of all the recipes tried and publised so far in my blog:

  1. Rajgira kheer
  2. Gajar halwa
  3. Kankecha ladu
  4. Vatli daal
  5. Shrikhand
  6. Khari
  7. Champakali
  8. Kajuchi usal
  9. Jilebi
  10. Sandesh
  11. Dal vanga
  12. Amsulache saar
  13. Ghee
  14. Rava cake
  15. Chickpea cookies
  16. Vangyache kaap
  17. Pistachio cookies
  18. Shrewsberry biscuits
  19. Karanji
  20. Pakatlya purya
  21. Kothimbiricha vadya
  22. Misal paav
  23. Narali bhaat
  24. Suralichya vadya
  25. Shevayancha upma
  26. Pithla
  27. Tandalachi bhakri
  28. Besan barfi
  29. Garam masala
  30. Tandalache dheerde
  31. Besan dhirde
  32. Bharli Karli
  33. Daal baati
  34. Mohan vaati
  35. Sheera (ambyacha)
  36. Bakerwadi
  37. Chirote
  38. Chivda
  39. Khari(savoury) biscuits
  40. Boondi ladu
  41. Chakli option
  42. Vangi bharli
  43. Rasmalai
  44. Moong halwa
  45. Chamcham
  46. Panchamrut
  47. Kataachi amti
  48. Puran poli
  49. Badam sheera
  50. Fruit Koshimbir
  51. Pedha
  52. Nankhatai
  53. Vangyache bharit
  54. Kachori
  55. Kairee che panhe
  56. Soji
  58. Masale bhaat
  59. Thecha
  60. Piyush
  61. Thalipeeth nachos
  62. Usal

Until then, here is the link to the newspaper article for you all to read…thank you Yogesh Pawar for a lovely feature.


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