Clamentine cake

I am sure I have mentioned in my last post that plain flours are finding no place in my pantry these days. I absolutely refrain from buying them and choose either my regular atta or other alternatives in my cooking and baking. It took me by a shock when once visiting a lake, I read a board which had the warnings about feeding the ducks and swans around the place. They strictly prohibited visitors from feeding the birds with white bread. If the birds are not allowed white bread in their diets why in the world do we eat it?

I started reading about the flours and that is when it occurred to me that I was actually possibly making incorrect choices in my pantry. Reading various facts on internet I realised there were more health risks of eating them..the fact that the white flour is bleached scares me. If it can spike up our sugar levels, imagine what a piece of cake would do with all the flour and sugar added to it and topped with icing! Further the reason that the fibre is deleted from it makes it absolutely useless in our food. No these facts are all that I have read and not which I claim. But I care for my family as all mums do. One reason for anything proving as a health risk is good enough for me to refrain from white flour.

clamentine cake poster

I chanced upon a no flour clamentine cake while surfing. I read so many similar flourless recipes that I think I can bake them the first thing I wake up from sleep!! Here is one that I baked yesterday and it was absolutely moist, melt in mouth, packed with clamentine flavours and the easiest of bakes I have attempted!!

clementine cake2

All one needs is :

4 clamentines boiled in water for 10 mins till just soft

150g ground almonds

4 eggs

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 sugar

clamentine cake

Preheat oven at 250 degrees. Boil the clamentine and cool. Puree and add in the eggs and sugar. To this add the almond flour and the baking powder. Pour the batter in a prelined(yes please line and grease or else the cake sticks and burns on the sides) springform tin. Bake at 250 degrees for an hour or until done. You may need to cover with a foil to avoid the top of the cake from burning.

Clamentine cake main

Cool completely before you unclip and bring the cake out. I will bet you will find it difficult to stay away from the wafts of the warm, moist cake. But yes, it needs complete cooling down before one can cut them into pieces.

You may even serve this cake cold or warm with creme fraiche; drizzle some icing sugar if you fancy on top or as an option add in flaked almonds just before baking the cake. I am sure the toasted almonds on top will give this cake a new dimension.


2 thoughts on “Clamentine cake

  1. lovely cake, good decision, Its been a long time I stopped using them, thanks for the info about this info, really where is it ? how true when birds are not fed with white bread why our kids then, Lovely clicks as well preeti

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