Gajar(carrots) halwa crumble

These days I have given up the plain flour I used to bake earlier. I prefer using wheat flour or atta to the most. The recent weather conditions and the stress we have gone through has definitely made us more resilient mentally and physically. I would like my family to stay healthy and avoid crumbling under any pressure. This morning I wished to make gajar ka halwa. I am a dessert person and love all kinds of puddings. However, my men prefer to eat puddings on the lesser sweet side. I wanted them to enjoy the pudding as much as I did. Recently, I had an apple crumble at a friends place. Both P and R had it without much of a fuss. I could give it a go to see if they really like eating warm gajar halwa in crumble form. Absolutely healthy pudding to relish during winters. I realised after I had finished making it that I actually followed 2 recipes from Ruchira in my crumble namely gajar halwa and wholewheat atta ladu 🙂
Gajar Crumble 1My idea in a nutshell is as follows:
Warm Gajar Halwa(studded with nuts and chopped dates) crumble with whole wheat flour, sugar, cardamom and desi ghee topped with cream… I wish I had prepared more ramekins!! Had no recipe as such in mind. Just used enough atta and half the measure of ghee straight from the fridge, sugar to make the crumble. Just like one would do to make wholewheat ladus. Ruchira suggests for wholewheat ladus  wholewheat, confectioners sugar or jaggery, ghee and cardamom.

Topped this on two layers gajar halwa in greased ramekins. Add a dollop of ghee before placing these to bake. The baking time was 25 mins at 180 degrees. Am thinking of making a larger portion very soon by adding oats as well. Enjoy this with cream. Had I known it is going to be morish, I would kept my camera ready. Unfortunately clicked the photographs using my mobile

I started with the task of making the halwa first. For this I used(no mawa used here as I had no access to it…however I would like to try making halwa with mawa as Ruchira suggests once I visit Asian shop)

2 cups of grated carrots

10-12 chopped dates

2 tbsp ghee

1/2 tbsp ghee to roast chopped almonds/cashews or any nuts of your choice

some raisins

150 ml Evaporated milk

cardamom powder 1 tsp

1/4 cup Sugar (I used less than this amount)

In a thick bottom pan add in the ghee and let it melt. Add the grated carrots and the chopped dates. Cook on a low heat. To this add the sugar and evaporated milk. Add in the nuts and raisins and stir. Cook on a low flame until the carrots absorb all the milk. The mixture should be soft and homogeneous.

You may serve this Gajar Halwa as it is or serve warmed up paired with some ice cream.

To make the crumble:

1/2 cup whole wheat flour

1/4 cup sugar

1/4 ghee from the fridge(It needs to be cold)

cardamom powder 1 tsp

Rub all the ingredients together in a bowl, till it forms a nice crumbly mix. Grease the ramekins with ghee. Add in a tablspoon of gajar halwa. Top it with the crumble. Add another layer of halwa and finish it with some more crumble. While the oven preheats at 180 degrees, Fill in all the ramekins in a similar fashion. Finally add a dollop of ghee on each of the top crumble layer.Gajar crumble

Bake the crumble at 180 degrees till you see the top layer golden brown. My oven took about 25 mins to bake the crumble.

You may serve the crumble in ramekins by topping with cream or custard of your choice. We enjoyed it with thick cream.

Gajar crumble 3


2 thoughts on “Gajar(carrots) halwa crumble

  1. Hi Dear,
    First time here and feel like m gonna hook up here forever.
    Gajar ka Halwa looks divine!
    Hats off to you taking it to next level,loved the spoon as well. 😉

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