Kairiche Panhe(Raw mango drink)

Things have been pretty busy at work. I know my family would like me to either be at home or try something else. However, I stick to this job cause I get loads in return. What I get in return is emotions, this is where I witness true happiness,  reach a deeper understanding about life and feel love in a different aspect..free from any judgements…unconditional… I receive all that money cant buy. At least this is the world that I can make more beautiful. Yes this is where I get busy through out my term time.  For those who have just come to my space, let me clarify if you are trying to guess what my workplace is, I work in a special needs school and this has changed my life forever. It has given me a different perspective to look at life altogether. I am dead tired at times but I do not forget to thank God every night for my varied and active role which, although can be challenging at times, is rewarding in the fact that I am having a positive impact on people’s lives. Cooking works as a therapy then to refresh me. I may act crazy when I get time that is in my breaks…spend my time cooking and posting apart from painting, dancing or even catching up things I love doing. I like to sit with my men and chat at length.  So this first weekend when I got into my kitchen with an aim to churn loads for the family, I spent making all kinds of stuff I was waiting for time…Nupur from Nupur’s UK rasoi has asked me at least n number of times to cook vatli dal for her and post. She has stopped asking for it now. I have done it finally last day. I hope she gets to see it. The next she wanted was a traditional marathi thali….can I do it this holiday? not sure …but will give it a try:) But first here is a way to have refreshing, digestive cooler ..panha


Now for the quick way to get the digestive drink we can make out of raw mango. You may add or refrain from adding the spices,  I have used here as per your choice. You may even cover the mangoes with foil and cook in the oven at 180 degrees till done. Here I used 2 raw mangoes which made about 8-10 medium glasses of  panha.  Traditionally panha is made by boiling kairi(raw mangoes). Kamalabai ,in Ruchira suggests either boiling or grating the raw mango. However, I wanted to roast them on the gas flame as I had seen some of my Bong friends posting in their blog.  Check out Sayantani’s aam pora shorbot.  So here you are, you will need:

2 mangoes

sugar/ jaggery


black salt


freshly roasted and crushed cumins

dry ginger powder

crushed cardamom seeds

Water to get the consistency of this cooler you wish to have.


Wash the mangoes. Prick the mangoes as you would do to the brinjal while roasting. I would advise you to cover gas sides with foil or roast it on a papad roaster like I have done to avoid juices spoiling your workplace. Roast the mangoes till they feel soft and done.

Roasted mangoes

When done, peel the skin off. Free the cooked pulp off the seed and mash with a potato masher. Blend the pulp with a cup of water. Mix in the sugar or jaggery if you are using.  Add in more water to adjust the consistency.  Strain and pour it in a jug. To this add the spices of your choice from the ones mentioned above.  Traditionally, we  just add sugar/jaggery, salt and crushed cardamom. However, I can vouch on the crushed cumin…it gives a dynamic taste to this cooler!! Try it!!



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