Sandesh: My sweet sins!

Sandesh bw

Sandesh, mishti have been my favourites since the time I sensed the sweet taste in my pallate. Ever since I visited my the mishti bhandars in the small lanes of our Kolkata pada, I have a sweet tooth. That’s my sin!! Do I care about it? Nah!! The last time I had my medical check up done in India, I kept my fingers crossed, wishing my blood sugar results to be well within the normal range! I hope I am never forced to give up eating sweets any time. 

This post is about my play with Sandesh…I made them as simple Sandesh and coated them with melted white chocolate as well to make them into truffles. My, My they are absolute sweet sins!! The white chocolate breaking into the soft, indulgent soft sandesh!  To make them, you will need to prepare paneer/chena first.

4 cups of whole milk

2 tablespoons lemon juice, with a tablepoon of water

2 tbsp of confectioners sugar

White chocolate 1 slab

Decorations to sprinkle

Preparation of Chena:

Bring the milk to boil. Turn of the heat. Add in the diluted lemon juice slowly into the boiled milk. Stir the milk slowly while you add the lemon juice. When the cheese/chena/paneer separates from the whey, drain it in a muslin and wash in cold water. This will do away with the any lemon juice and it’s smell. Squeeze out the water nice and tight. Place the chena under some weight for about an hour. I placed a 5kg rice bag on it.

Sandesh made with greased moulds.
Sandesh made with greased moulds.

Knead the chena with hands if you can. I used my small blender and made my chena into a nice soft chena.  Add in 2 tablespoon of confectioner’s sugar and knead well. You may flavour your sandesh with few drops of rose water. Here I have used saffron soaked in a tiny amount of warm milk. Roll the chena into truffle sized balls. Melt some white chocolate and dip each sandesh ball and sprinkle some decorations and place in cupcake cases.

Alternatively, you may grease the sandesh moulds and press the chena to make your desired shaped sandesh. Before pressing the chena in the moulds, the chena needs to be heated in a thick bottom pan for sometime(about 3 to 4 mins). This enables the sugar to melt and the sandesh may soften a wee bit. However when moulded and cooled, it retains a shape.

Sandesh Truffles


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