Sandesh for Bloggers’ Buzz

For the last six months, I have been a part of an exciting venture, Bloggers’ Buzz.  This event is to be held on Saturday 23rd Feb 2013 in London. Bloggers’ Buzz is a platform for like-minded people to come together to share their passion for one thing- FOOD. The one day event will cover food-blogging related masterclasses such as food photography, food styling, monetising blogs and copyright infringement issues. The event will also provide networking opportunities for those attending.

As for us, that is Nisha, Nupur, Suchi and me, it has been a huge learning curve. We have had our ups and downs in this process. Poor Suchi could not fly back from India. However, she kept her promise by being in the team by giving us all the support from India.

When we met early last year, we talked about cooking, food photography, recipe development, product reviews, restaurant reviews and other things food and blogging related. We then decided to coordinate an event on a larger scale for food bloggers from all over UK and Europe. The response has been thoroughly encouraging and we are expecting around 25 bloggers at the event. Visit our Event blog and facebook page for more details.
Now my entry for the event. The contest rules and the theme is here.
I have a Sandesh platter for this event.

4 cups of whole milk

2 tablespoons of lemon juice, with a tablepoon of water

2 tbsp of confectioners sugar

Saffron for the yellow colour I want.

I used rice paper cut butterflies which I painted with edible food colours.

Preparation of Chena:

Bring the milk to boil. Turn of the heat. Add in the diluted lemon juice slowly into the boiled milk. Stir the milk slowly while you add the lemon juice. When the cheese/chena/paneer separates from the whey, drain it in a muslin and wash in cold water. This will do away with the any lemon juice and it’s smell. Squeeze out the water nice and tight. Place the chena under some weight for about an hour. I placed a 5kg rice bag on it.

Knead the chena with hands if you can. I used my small blender and made my chena into a nice soft chena.  Add in 2 tablespoon of confectioner’s sugar and knead well. You may flavour your sandesh with few drops of rose water. Here I have used saffron soaked in a tiny amount of warm milk. This adds both the desired flavour and the yellow colour I need for the theme. Roll the chena into truffle sized balls.  Alternatively, you may grease the sandesh moulds and press the chena to make your desired shaped sandesh.

BB entry 1

For the drizzle, I made a blueberry sauce to drizzle on top. For this, I cooked a few berries with 2 tbsp of water and 1 tbsp of sugar.  A squeeze of lemon juice and I thickened it with 1tsp of cornstarch.

When the desired consistency is achieved, switch off the stove. Strain and cool the sauce. Drizzle each of the sandesh with the sauce. Place the butterflies and gobble the soft, melt in mouth dessert!

Here is what I would say a sandesh truffle made to fit for the Bloggers’ Buzz contest theme!


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