Finally! ILoveSabji!

Jamie Oliver rightly states in his food campaigns ” there is a lost generation of people who cannot cook, don’t know where their food comes from or how to eat a balanced diet!”

I completely agree with him. Most of us are bound in the routine of visiting the supermarkets every weekend, with a chalked out list of all the grocery, veggies and fruits we plan to use during the week ahead. As we walk down the aisle, the trolley is loaded in no time with varieties of packed vegetables, ready to use leafy vegetables and loads of others with deals on them. I have even ventured buying vegetables and fruits which are not in season!! Half a week later, we notice is some of the vegetables either rotten as they emit gas or cause other vegetables in the fridge to rot! The vegetables bought on deal end up in the bin because their shelf life had reached the end when purchased. In a nutshell there has been a wastage of both food and money. An average family ends up throwing 30 percent and sometimes 50 percent of their weekly vegetable purchase! If you are thinking that I would suggest canned food, well, I could, had I not got an option for fresh fruits and vegetables locally. ILoveSabji has come to my rescue!!

Fresh fruits and vegetables are best in taste and eating fresh vegetables and fruits in season minimises the chance of losing valuable nutrients as well. ILoveSabji online store is a locally available option in Reading, Bracknell, Wokingham and Newbury! They source vegetables that are much fresher than the ones available in the local market.  May I highlight the fact that ILoveSabji has a very low minimum order. All one needs to do is place an order by Friday 9 pm for the week. The store owners send a text to the customers to inform them the time when their order will be delivered the next day. The vegetables arrive in a neat box with a purchase order slip placed in it.

ILoveSabji is a brainchild of five families in search for fresh vegetables and fruit, driven by a desire for fresh vegetables and the frustration of unpredictable quality of Indian produce in the local retail markets. They decided to source fresh vegetables and fruit for themselves and soon realized that it was possible to get vegetables that are much fresher than the ones available in the local market. The word of the quality of the vegetables and fruit spread quickly within their friends and soon they found themselves buying larger quantities for more families in personal network of family and friends. With each passing week and month the number of families in their ‘club’ grew till they decided to find a way to satisfy the demand for these fresh vegetables – an online grocery store with a free delivery service within Reading and with delivery at a nominal price to areas around Reading.


Apart from fresh vegetables and fruits, they offer grains, dals, spices and general grocery as well. They conduct survey and seek feedback to add further range of brands to their site. Check their website and also their facebook page for more details.

Here is a peek into the bounty that was delivered by ILoveSabji at Isingcakes & More.Collage final

I had ordered amla as well. However, it wasn’t delivered and the money promised to be refunded. They advised that since amlas’ were not of the best quality those were not purchased for us. Which I think was fair enough! I wouldn’t buy any produce which has been bruised or scratched, as they are more susceptible to bacterial contamination. I am impressed with the fact they are checking the characteristics signs of freshness and crispness in their customers’ weekly orders. What more would anyone need?

All one needs to do is  practice a small amount of planning with the weekly shopping online and make sure that the purchase is stored properly, and one can eat healthy, delicious, and fresh fruits and vegetables all week long!!


“We can help create a culture”, as Michelle Obama has conveyed,” imagine this-where our kids ask for healthy option rather than resisting them!” So here is a way to resuscitate food culture and keeping our cooking skills alive using fresh fruits and vegetables. I wish ILoveSabji a great success in their future endeavour.


2 thoughts on “Finally! ILoveSabji!

  1. Good to hear about IloveSabzi. I wish I lived near Reading area 🙂

    I loved the concept of buying fresh vegetables in small quantity instead of buying them in bulk and wasting.

    Like you said, some of the vegetable rot in re frigate after some time..even though we put them in proper ziplock box. I store lot of vegetables in freezer so they won’t rot. I do not go to Indian grocery store very often. Neither they are close to my place. So I’m left with an option of buying some stuff in bulk 😦 .Apart from that, I noticed some of the stores sell green leafy vegetables with dirt/mud on vegetables..hmmm…I wish those stores had applied some marketing standards to vegetable products.

  2. I agree with you Sangita when it comes to standards on vegetable/or say any products. Hopefully, ILoveSabji will grow and have enough clientèle to reach London very soon.

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