Amsulache Saar: A warm winter soup

Ask a Marathi about a warm winter food, khichadi -saar will be a prompt and apt reply. For me this is the most comforting meal all through the English Winter. I make saar quite occasionally when the days become shorter and the streets are covered with a thick blanket of snow. Tonight, I decided to have the same meal again as the northerly cold bite is sweeping in again. Sayantani’s is having a giveaway on her blog and is about Cuponation. I am sending this recipe of our saar to this giveaway. This saar has Amsul as the main ingredient. Amsul has medicinal benefits and adviced both in Winter as well as in Summers. I have checked the recipe out of my cooking bible Ruchira:)


This saar needs:

4-5 soaked Amsul(mangosteen)

ghee 1/2 tsp

cumin seeds 1/4 tsp

salt to taste

sugar or jaggery(I used jaggery)

4 cups of water

chopped coriander for garnishing


In a pan, temper ghee with cumin. Add the soaked amsul and water. Let this mix boil. Add salt to taste .  Add sugar or jaggery as much your palate desires. This brings out a nice combination of tangy and sweet saar.

Garnish this saar with chopped coriander and serve piping hot with khichadi or just sip through a cup, wrapped up warm as you watch your favourite food show:)

As I send this recipe to this giveaway, may I remind about my giveaway too on my blog. Please do join in. This I am doing as my positive fight against plagiarism..this is to spread the sheer joy and sense of ethical blogging. I am linking this recipe to the same event. It is categorised into styling of my saar for a modern table:) I hope you all like it.

Yes, recently when I had a terrible tiff with a case of accidental plagiarism as the person claims, I have seen a monstrous side of this lady’s co-helper. She asked me why in the world did I step in when it had nothing to do with me? and do I work as a lawyer as a profession to preach legal matters about ethical blogging.

She thinks I am stuck to the internet, day and night and own fancy phones to surf at my leisure. The duo claims themselves from working class with a family to look after.

Frankly, I own a humble Nokia phone from India which I treasure a lot. I work in a special needs school, where the work is rather challenging yet rewarding!! And family ..yes, a beautiful family I have. I still find time to blog ethically. Take all the pains to create and develop recipes and click photographs with my own camera!! To read more about the recent gallata…please check Anjali Koli’s post for the fight against plagiarism.

I would like to request all the food enthusiasts who plan to blog, please do your homework well, before you start blogging.


2 thoughts on “Amsulache Saar: A warm winter soup

  1. kokum saar, good to digest, have glass of saar, after food,.. u can add , coconut milk it become kokum kadi,… that good.

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