A quick post on Clarified Butter/Ghee/Tup and Ruchira Giveaway!

I love the whole process of churning cream..back at home, ravi/ghusal did the job. Here I use my cake batter blender to do the honours. I used 2 packs of double cream(each 284ml).


It is quite easy, as the blender does the job in no time. In no time the cream is whipped up nice and thick….Once the cream is whipped and butter separates, add in a cup of cold water. Spoon out the butter into a pan to cook. I like using my hands to scoop the butter out. Let the whipped butter cook in a thick bottom pan.


This needs about 40 mins to cook and get the clarified butter. It crackles, foams and froths, so make sure you use a large pan.

Once done, strain the butter in a jar/ any vessel you normally store ghee. You may flavour your ghee with herbs or cardamom…well this is optional.

I have seen my in-laws adding a pinch of salt to the butter when it is heating in the pan. This helps with the ghee’s shelf life. I make a very small quantity, hence do not add salt.


I love the aroma and the granular texture this ghee has after it solidifies!

I have a giveaway of my favourite book Ruchira by Kamalabai Ogale. This giveaway is open to anyone(bloggers/non-bloggers) staying in India, UK and across Europe, USA and Australia. This giveaway is open for a month and both vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian entries are allowed….and of course any number of entries are allowed! These are the images of the books from the internet just to help you know how the books look like.

Ruchira book

You will win a Ruchira book of your choice(either Marathi or English). All you need to do it is follow the rules out here:)

The rules are:

1. Create a unique Marathi dish which you enjoy. Style it to present it on a modern table.

2. Or create and stylise a dish that is Marathi but resembles another dish in a different cuisine eg. Tarts are but marathi Mohanvati. Hence you can create and stylise them.

3. Spread the word about this giveaway and send your entries to isingcakes@gmail.com by the 2nd March 2013

4. Let us know how you follow us. Is it our blog Isingcakes & more or are following our pages on facebook – Ruchira Videshini and Isingcakes. Leave a comment.

5. Let us know which book would you like to win as a giveaway, the Marathi version or the English version of Ruchira. And the winner will be picked from the best stylised Marathi Food presentation.

Please note: You must send in the recipe and the photographs clicked by you. If you are sourcing the recipe from other place, please do give due credits. This is to bring out the creative you and to stop plagiarism!

I am linking this to Patty’s weekly party after ages:)

20 thoughts on “A quick post on Clarified Butter/Ghee/Tup and Ruchira Giveaway!

  1. Preeti this is such a good example of the generosity of bloggers! They share their lives and more besides recipes and even give away gifts! You are showing the plagiarist what ethical behavior is. Salute !!

    Ani bara ka tup mala pohochle, tarich puran poli amchya Pranav itki avadhli 🙂 😉 Tuzi shabashi hi pass on keli han.

  2. Thanks for posting this ! I love all your Ruchira Videshini recipes. Keep up with the posts ! I look forward to trying your recipe.

    Can you please let me know which company double cream you used ?


  3. Oi Preeti, good luck :-). Ami hardly ranna korar shomai paire. Ar amar fascination hochche gardening :-). Never knew you can get ghee from double cream. Back home, aunties used to make ghee from pure cow’s milk.

  4. Since the past 2 years, I have become a big fan of ghee..although luckily for me my mom does the needful!! Not sure if i will be able to take part in the giveaway as I have a very limited repertoire of cooking… :)).. but will definitely spread the word!!

  5. Lovely idea! Please let us know – does it have to be Marathi dishes only? I hail from Mumbai – but am not Marathi by birth. I make a few Maharashtrian dishes – but they are already popular. Should it be a dish that people don’t know about – I mean how do we know that someone hasn’t already presented it?

    1. hi Soumya Rajesh..you may send any one or both types of entries..1. unique marathi recipe, styled in a different way to serve on a modern table 2. Any dish from a different cuisine which resembles a marathi dish. I am glad you like the theme. So go ahead and participate:)

  6. Wonderful cause you are hosting Preeti. Thanks!
    I follow you on FB and am glad to see a beautiful blog.
    Keep up the good work.

  7. Wow…. love this give away and its unique concept. I need to scratch my brain to create Marathi dish in my kitchen…looking forward to participate. Do drop in sometime to my place

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