Pistachio cookies ..another inspiration from Ruchira

Well for day 3 of bakethon, I would like to post Kamalabai Ogale’s recipe for Kaju biscuits. I know you some of you might have a question about why her book and why her recipes? Well, truely because, I am inspired by this lady who dared to bake back in those days when ovens were not a part of Indian kitchens. She came from a very humble family, where her mother-in-law helped her to train in the culinary nuances. Her father-in-law motivated her with their appreciations. When she moved to Mumbai, a large city for a lady from another town, she had to gather all her courage and step out in the crowd and prove her identity as a lady who knows her craft very well. She would have never imagined that her book which was published first on the auspicious day of Rathasaptami, on the 12th February 1970(after loads of help from her husband,children and their spouses) that the books would do a record sale in lakhs!!! I sometimes think about her and imagine..how Kamalabai Ogale’s blog would look like, if she actually had one:)

Anyways, let’s get to our recipe:


With equal quantities of plain flour,confectioner’s sugar, ground cashews(I used ground pistachio instead)

Ghee to rub in

1 tsp baking powder

Milk to knead

Almond essence(I used vanilla extract)

Mix all the dry ingredients, add in ghee and rub together. Using milk, knead into a soft dough. In a greased tray, place small balls of thic cookie dough. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 20 mins.

I tried a bit of experimentation, by spreading rose petal jam(gulkand) between to cookies! They tasted divine..though a bit messy while eating. Next time, I plan to make thumb cookies with these recipes and place the rose petal jam in the thumb hole. I hope you all like this experiment.  Apologies about the quality of the photographs, but it’s a dull winter in UK and we get to see the natural sunlight!!

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7 thoughts on “Pistachio cookies ..another inspiration from Ruchira

  1. hey that book seems to be a treasure interesting recipe, I too used gulkand in one of my bakes, foodies are so similar in their thinking I think!!, you are so right about the weather, photos are in a pitiful state now.

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