Healthy finger food round up

Many apologies friends for such big delay in this round up. Life is such a rush ..well I am not saying just for me, but everyone of us out there!! I was juggling too many things in the last couple of weeks. So made up my mind to rest a few and catch up with the rest which needed urgent attention. My husband had a medical emergency and I panicked till things were fine with him. Then it was Diwali, which was a quiet one this time as I was still getting over his health issue. I managed inviting some friends last week to make our family feel the festivities. Now, I think the things are back to normal, fingers crossed….I apologies again dear friends, this is my first event hosting, I hope I have done some justice, if not loads. Thank you Priya for giving me this opportunity, I look forward to be your real host in the coming months:)

To begin with Chandrima, my lovely facebook friend who has a lovely page Not Out Of the Box sent Microwave Potato chips.

The method is as follows:

Microwave Potato Chips

Potato- Medium size
Parchment paper

Optional seasonings- Black pepper powder or any seasoning of your choiceMethodUsing a potato slicer, slice one medium potato (peeled) as thinly as possible, taking care that all slices are the same thickness. On a microwave safe plate place the parchment paper and then place the potato slices on it without overlapping. Salt very lightly and sprinkle with your choice of seasonings. Cook in high microwave mode for 4-6 minutes or till golden brown, stop & flip the slices in between that is after 2/3 minutes. Be very careful not to over-brown or they will taste burnt. Remove from the microwave, cool completely. Repeat the process until all potato slices are cooked.

Just say no to packaged potato chips, & start to have home cooked chips. Tasty, healthy & packed with the home cooked happiness 🙂

Note: You need to consume these potato chips immediately. Don’t store or they will lose the crispness.

Next I would like to show what Sharanya has sent:
Linsy Patel sent in the following:
Shobha Keshwani sends in
and of course lovely Priya’s contributions:
My contribution is just limited to Kothimbirichya vadya
Now, that is a lovely collection from you all who contributed. I am so happy to have hosted this event. Hopefully, you all like this round up! I am thankful to all who have contributed.

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