Paktlya Purya for Vijayadashmi(Fried puffed breads in Syrup)

Vijayadashmi reminds me of the day when I was carrying my son and R arrived from USA. It was a literal Simolanghan(crossing the border) for him from USA to India. The whole household decked up for his arrival. Garlands of Marigold adorned our doors and loads of goodies were being cooked in the kitchen. All the excitement to greet our little one doubled that day. I recall this excitement of Vijayadashmi every year 🙂

It is a Kulachar(family’s tradition of following spiritual practice) at my in-laws. This day everyone comes together to pay obeisance to the diety and has a lovely meal which of course includes Puran Poli.  All our books and shastra(weapons and tools including my ghungroos’) are worshipped. Saraswati Goddess is paid obeisance as well, which focuses specific attention to one’s profession and its related tools. Ever since we have arrived in UK, I have been trying to make different types of sweets.  Not that Puran Poli is a tedious process, but this day gives me an opportunity to try something traditional and different!

This year, I woke with a bad headache. By the time I could recover and arrange things in the kitchen, it was nearly dusk. A hapless feeling crept in. I needed to prepare some sweet for the offering to God as well as for the family to celebrate. I checked Ruchira for a quick dessert. Pakatlya Purya seemed quite possible. I remember my sister-in-law T making them quite often. I had never made them. As I checked Kamalabai’s recipe, I realised it needed a syrup to soak the puris’. Sugar I knew could trigger my headache again. I thought I could plan some other way to soak the puris’.

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Here is the original recipe from Ruchira:

4 cups semolina

1 cup Greek yoghurt(I used Total Greek Yoghurt)

6-7 cups sugar(don’t worry I had a replacement for this:))

1/2 cup warm oil(moin/mohan)

Ghee to fry(I used oil)

Salt a pinch

Saffron or edible orange colour

I quartered the recipe:

1 cup semolina

1/4 cup Greek yoghurt

1 tablespoon of warm oil

Oil to fry


Saffron/edible colour

Ground almonds(optional)

In a bowl, mix in semolina and warm oil. Add in the yoghurt and make a dough. The original recipe instructs using water to make a dough. Use it only if needed. I did not have to use any water at all. The dough was nice and tight. Cover the dough with a kitchen towel and keep aside for at least 30 minutes (The original recipe asks for 2 hrs because of the quantity).

The dough is then bashed with a rolling pin and rolled smoothly again.

For soaking, I used honey. Pour in 1 cup of honey in a microwaveable container. Add some Saffron stands and microwave for 30 seconds.  Add in a teaspoon of lemon juice if you like. Keep it aside.

Heat the oil in a pan for frying( You may use ghee, if you like for frying..yes it will be all the more rich in taste and flavours). Roll out a part of dough and use a round cookie cutter to cut small roundels. Alternatively, you may roll out small puris’ as we would normally do. Fry these puris’ and drain on kitchen towel for a few seconds. While the puris’ are still warm soak them in warm honey. If the honey is cool/cold warm it in the microwave. The honey needs to be warm to penetrate the puris’ (Original recipe asks for a sugar syrup with a squeeze of lemon juice)

Using a spoon, drizzle the warm honey onto the puris’. Top these puris’ with ground almonds to give them some richness.

The longer they are soaked, the puris’ taste great!

My son loved these puris’ with strawberry coulis! Try these and let me know how you enjoyed your puris’

These puris’ last for 4-5 days. So if you love eating sweet here is an option to prepare these all in advance and devour throughout the week:)

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