Healthy Finger Food announcement Event with Kothimbirichya vadya

Finger food is meant to be eaten directly using the hands, without any kind of utensils. In few cuisines food is relished with hands, especially South Asian culture. Street Food sometimes, not always though are considered finger food. In Western world they are a part of starter or the main course. I relish almost all the Indian finger food. Amongst the English Finger Food, I love canapes, quiches and different kinds of buns both sweet and savoury. Kothibirichya vadya  is an ideal tea time snack.  Healthy because it has the greens of coriander and chickpea flour with it’s low glycemic index, gluten free, rich in proteins makes it an ideal finger food. I have fried it in rice bran oil which is proving to be rather healthy in Indian cooking. It’s high smoke point makes it absolutely ideal.

Photo updated 27th Dec 2016

But any other oil should be fine for the recipe. 

Photo updated 27th December 2016

I have followed Kamalabai Ogale’s recipe from her book Ruchira. It goes in my Ruchira Videshini category which is a research into her recipes and adapting it to modern kitchen and needs. I have followed original recipe apart from the facts of using red chilli powder instead of green chillies and avoided using baking soda. 

When I made it for the second time. I added some ginger-garlic paste and ground cumin-coriander . Measures:

2 cups of chopped coriander

1 cup of besan

¼ cup rice flour

2 tsp chilli powder

1 tsp turmeric

1 tbsp of warm rice bran oil(moin/mohan)

water to knead the dough(abt 1/4 cup)

Salt to taste

Optional sesame seeds

Rice bran oil to fry

Mix all the dry ingredients and mohan. Add the chopped coriander. Pour in just enough water(1-2 tbsp) to make a smooth dough. Roll out small sausages and steam in a steamer/ pressure cooker without the whistle for 10-15 mins. Use a tooth pick to check if the sausages are cooked. Chop into slices.  Heat rice bran oil in a pan. Fry these slices in oil till crisp and golden brown.

Tips: To all the dry ingredients(but the salt), add chopped coriander. To the coriander rub in salt and mix with the rest of the dry ingredients. This retains the green colour of coriander.

Variations: After steaming you may chop and give a tadka like dhokla and can be savoured as it is.

Steam thin sausages and chop and use as gatte in curries

You may add in/swap other greens like methi and spinach to add to the nutrition and taste.

Add in chopped onions for extra crunch.

You may even use ground green chillies for extra heat instead of red chilli powder.

This is my favourite finger food which can be eaten in such different ways..steamed, in curry and even fried essentially with rice bran oil(which is far more better for Healthy Indian cooking) This leads to an event announcement with the following logo:

Healthy Finger Food
Priya from Priya’s easy and tasty recipe has given me the opportunity to host a part of her Healthy Diet Event. I am hosting the Heathy Finger Foods Event at my space. This event can include any finger food that is healthy. It can be a part of breakfast, brunch, starter, main course tea, high tea or even dessert. You can think of making any finger food that would fit in various categories however, it essentially needs to tick the healthy category! Come on then, lets put our brains to work, churn up some lovely healthy goodies for all ages and bring in more pink health into our familiesJ

All you need to do is follow a set of rules:

Rules of the Event.

  • Post any vegetarian or non vegetarian healthy Finger food to fit in different categories.
  • Link back your entry to this event on my page and Priya‘s event page. Please use the logo as it helps spread the word.
  • Update any archived posts which fit in this category with the link to this announcement page and Priya’s event page.
  •  Send your entries to with the subject line as “Healthy Diet – Finger Foods” with the following details:

Your Name :
Blog Name :
Recipe Name :
Recipe Url :
Picture of the Recipe :

  • Non Bloggers are welcome to send their recipes as well. Please send in the recipe with the picture under the subject “Healthy Diet – Finger Food”
  • Event is open from 11th October 2012 to 11th November 2012

I am also sending this recipe to Jagruti‘s event “Know your flours” hosted by Spiceroot .

This event is over now. For the roundup on Healthy Finger Food Round up please click here.


10 thoughts on “Healthy Finger Food announcement Event with Kothimbirichya vadya

  1. Hi,
    I wandered on your blog and learned many thing in few minutes, especially about art. I try in France to make better known Indian art and painters but also Persian paintings.
    I’ll come back from time to time to visit you. Thank you. keep on going with your blog.

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