Isingcakes in Wonderland…The Cake and Bake Show 2012

Little did I ever think of going in the kitchen, let alone writing…well that was about 5 years back.  It never ever occurred to me  in my dreams that I will write in a my blog and I will go around meeting other blogger friends. It all started with the need of satisfying our tastes, when we decided to move to UK.  If you have been following my blog and Facebook page of course Ruchira Videshini too, you will know that cooking and baking is all I enjoy and has been my passion for the last 3-4 years. I started going through the nuances of cooking referring my favourite book Ruchira. Baking just happened!! I do recall my first bake… my English kitchen:) If you are thinking it must have been a huge success, then I must admit…no it was a total flop! A simple sponge cake sunk into what looked like two slices of thick bread with chocolate spread between. This failure led to an array of queries and I searched the internet back and forth to create a successful bake next time. My mum’s visit made me all the more excited as she used to bake when I was a kid. She guided me through my simple bakes during her stay. Now, my family had a cake for snacking almost every week. Then it was my Wilton’s cake decorating diploma which made me all the more confident and here I am baking mad every now and then. This summer, I had the opportunity to meet some Indian bloggers in London.  It was an amazing day where we shared each other’s views about cooking, baking, ourselves and of course our husbands:) This meet was when I realised that I am active again..learnt so much by being in kitchen(well, I was in kitchen in India too..but my mind wasn’t open to the world). I met a bunch of lovely bloggers for the very first time…but it seemed we knew each others for ages. Our thoughts and likings just gelled into a single mould…food and blogging. After the meet we shared our posts on our respective pages and what a difference it was to put the face behind each creation. The Cake and Bake Show was an event we all wished to visit. We tried our best to get the tickets for Saturday ..all in vain. I could manage going only on Saturday as I had another commitment on Sunday. Nisha and Suchismita frantically tried reaching out to check if they could arrange tickets for us. Other bloggers decided to check if Sunday tickets were available…and they were available!! The girls decided to get the tickets for Sunday. I was gutted but happy at same time for the reason that the rest of them got the tickets and I could check their pictures and experiance when they share.

Then came Nisha’s message saying Nielsen-Massey has arranged a ticket for me!!! Oh My God!! I was on cloud nine!! I rushed to reply to Nisha that I am sooooo happy!! Both Nisha and Nielsen-Massey are like angels to me…granting my wish and making it come true:) I have no words to express my gratitude to them. Nisha blogs at Look who’s Cooking Too…an amazing space. Please do visit her and check out her spread….I wish I could do half as good as her …I love her photography! The ticket arrived in just couple of days of Nisha’s message to me. To my surprise the ticket said it’s complimentary!! I decided to call up on Baking Mad’s  Nielsen-Massey number but the note sent did not have any number or any other contact details.

yay!! Thank You Neilsen-Massey

My ticket was arranged by none other than Nielsen-Massey..the manufacturers of pure vanilla extracts and flavorings. They actually added such a lovely flavour into this food bloggers life:) Check out Nielsen-Massey’s is a baker’s paradise!! It is indeed everything you want to know about flavourings. There are loads of interesting recipes on their website too.

Finally the day approached. It was a mixed feeling as I was going all on my own(never done that before since my arrival in London, 6years back) When I reached Earl’s Court, I was amongst the crowd which went upto the main hall in a huge elevator. As I walked through the doors, all I could sum it up as, was a wonderland!! Thank you Nisha and Thanks a lot Nielsen-Massey!!! Preeti was in Wonderland, all because of you:) I decided to do a post for my angels, this is the way I could  give thanks for everything that happened to me, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than my current situation…from a simple girl in India to a food blogger who could actually visit such grand shows as The Cake and Bake Show:)

Here are the photographs of my experiance at The Cake and Bake Show…

Autographs..I will treasure:)[gallery columns="4"]


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