Suralichya wadya

This is my old post from 2010..which I would like to leave as it is. The event mentioned in this post is no longer in date. This post is just to update the pictures of this snack. Suralichya wadya/Khandvi is one of my family’s favourite savoury dishes which is adored in Indian States of Gujarat and Maharashtra. It is a quick snack which all mavshya, kakus and atyas(all aunts I mean) would quickly prepare at the knock of any guest. My mavshi taught me this once. Although, I  can recall her confidence while showing it to me , yet I could replicate her skill only when I came to UK and started cooking in my English kitchen. Unlike her preparation on the gas stove, I am using microwave.She is an ardent follower of Kamala Bai Ogale’s “Ruchira”. This book has been a fellow guide for me too for long. My lovely room partner and dear friend gave it to me as  gift at my Kelvan( a feast before wedding). Thank you R. This is my first ever entry for any blog events. So I am excited too. Making this snack is quite easy(yes, I oppose those who feel it is tedious and not possible). All one needs is some patience, even a beginner can work these out quickly. If not, I have given an option of making square vadis’ like any dhokla!

This is MEC event held by PJ from and for Srivalli  who started this event, from

And mavshi this is for you…

Besan(Gram flour)1cup

Maida(Plain flour) 1 tablespoon

Taak(Buttermilk )3/4cup

Pani(Water)2 cup

Freshly grated coconut/dessicated coconut 1 cup


Green chillies as per taste

Salt to taste


Oil, mustard seeds,sesame seeds, asofoetida, and curry leaves for tempering

This recipe is enough to spread onto  4 plates.I used half of each of the ingredients to make 10 medium sized rolls.


1. Prepare the tempering in the microwave using oil,mustard seeds,sesame seeds, asofoetida and curry leaves. Please take care while preparing the tempering in a microwave. It is best to cover the tempering bowl,  in case one is not confident. Leave it aside to cool once the tempering is ready.

2. Mix the coconut(either fresh grated or dessicated) and chopped coriander.  You may blend this with green chillies in a mixer.This is for garnishing.

3. Prepare a smooth paste by mixing besan and water. Add turmeric and salt.

4. Add and mix the Buttermilk. Make sure there are no lumps. This will be thin in consistency.

5. Cook this mixture in the microwave, stirring occassionally to do away with the lumps if any. My microwave took about 8 minutes to cook the batter.

6. Continue cooking till the raw taste is done with and the consistency is thick enough to coat the back of a spoon.

7. Spoon the batter onto a back of a plate(steel plates work well) and spread the batter into a thin sheet.

8. Spread the coconut and coriander mix onto the batter plated.

9. Using a knife/pizza cutter, cut thin strips.

10. Roll these strips and spoon the tempering onto the rolls.

PS: Make sure you spoon the batter onto the plates as quickly as possible to avoid cooling of the batter.

If you are cooking on a gas stove, mix all the ingredients in a thick bottom pan and keep stirring on the gas. Remember do not stop. Stirring is essential to avoid lumps. Once the batter thickens, cover it with a plate and steam for 5-10 mins. Stir if required. Follow from step 7 to do the rest.

There is no need to grease the plates, surprise yourself at your success with these savoury rolls. This snack can be prepared in less than 15 minutes provided you have got your things ready and mixed. In case one is not confident with the rolling of these vadis’, a simple way is to pat a thick layer on a plate and garnish with the mix of coconut-chillies-coriander and spread the tempering over it.

Updated 24th August 2012

I am leaving the old photographs for me to reflect upon my photography progress….it gives me immense joy to see how much I have changed my cooking and presentation of food.

This morning, I have taken the same quantities as stated in Ruchira. One bowl(yellow) is the original recipe and the other(Orange) has tomato puree in it. To the whole mix, I added 3 tsps of ready tomato puree. You may try different versions with other vegetables, even green colour with spinach will be a healthy option.

Cook and stir in the microwave every 1 minute. My microwave needed 7 minutes this time. When it coats and rolls at the back of your spoon, the mixture is cooked.

Spread as thin as you can..yes, my cake decorating stuff proved handy here…

A steel plate is good to use… need to grease it at all…

I did not spread the coconut-coriander-chilli mix in the rolls, becuase my son stays away from coconut. So I garnished it generously on top.And tada….enjoy!!


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