Shevayancha Upma(Savoury snack with sevai), using valvat/gavhale/hand rolled vermicelli

Valvat or gavhale sometimes even called kheeri at my in-laws are kind of hand rolled vermicelli. These are very tiny, not at all long as the shevaya, which are actual vermicelli. These are made mostly at pre-wedding functions in any Marathi household. I remember my pre-wedding function where all the ladies in my house(mavshi, mami, aji and aai..I hope you all are reading this)made these as well. Oh what fun they all had as they challenged each other with different shapes rolled! Those now I remember looked so much like the different shapes we normally get for pastas!!  I especially love the one which was made by pressing and rolling the thumb on the index finger…looked like conch!My aji(granny) loves making long ones..proper shevaya….I can recall her afternoons spent in my apartment in Pune, when she had her tea at the stroke of 3 pm and made these and used my grandad’s walking stick to dry!! I would give anything for those times again! Dada(my grandad) is no more and my aji is getting really old.  If you all know more about these, please feel free to leave a comment. I will edit my post with your name here. Valvat were the easiest ones, which I too attempted at home last. My mother-in-law and her mum love making these as they watch their  favourite TV soaps!! These are kept handy at home to make quick kheer when we have Pujas and are at loss of time and ideas for dessert.

I could not find the recipe for valvat/ these gavhale in Ruchira.  So I had a quick call to my mum who gave me the recipe and the method instantly!! Very simple recipe however, the method is kind of tedious:)

3 tablespoons of fine semolina soaked in some milk for half an hour.

3 tablespoons of plain flour/wheat flour(I used plain flour)

Mix these two ingredients and make a very tight dough. Leave aside covered for couple of hours and knead very nicely for sometime. I gave it a knead for a nice 10 mins. Now to the tricky part. Holding a small part of the dough in the left hand, start rolling and pulling at the same time  with the thumb and index finger of your right hand. As you roll and pull, you will notice that it pulls into a thin thread. Break and give it a quick twist to get the desired length and shape. They quite look like twisted long grains of basmati rice!:) Collect them on a plate and let them dry in a cool place. They hardly need anytime to dry. Pack them away in an airtight container for later use.

Now for Kamalabai Ogale’s Shevayancha Upma. This is quite quick and easy to make. You may even use the store bought sevai/shevaya.  It is nutritious as well.

I used these valvat instead of shevaya(vermicelli). If using vermicelli you need to crush them before using.

For this one needs:

1/2 kg Shevaya(I used my not half a kg!! But a cupful and reduced the other ingredients accordingly)

2 tbsp urad dal

1/2 cup cashews or peanuts(I used peanuts and some frozen peas and corns)

1 small fresh coconut grated( I made use of my dessicated coconut)

5-6 green chillies chopped

1 chopped onion

Ghee,Coriander, Curry leaves, salt, cumin seeds, lemon juice, oil for phodni(tempering), hing.

Roast the shevaya in ghee(well I used 1/2 tsp of ghee for the valvat..and loved the aroma…you may use olive oil if you wish)

In a pan prepare the tempering with oil. Add in the cumin seeds, once the oil is hot. These will splutter. add in the urad dal, curry leaves, chopped green chillies, peanuts, followed by chopped onions. Saute these till the onion turn translucent. If you are using frozen peas and corns, add them now. Stir.

To this one needs to add enough water(less than the shevaya) to cook but not to make these soggy. To this add the salt and lemon juice. If one is adding cashews..add them now.  Add in the shevaya. Cover and steam.

Garnish with coconut and coriander. This upma can be relished for breakfast or snacks.


9 thoughts on “Shevayancha Upma(Savoury snack with sevai), using valvat/gavhale/hand rolled vermicelli

  1. What a interesting recipe, I would love to try this out, I made fresh pasta, for DB challenge, this is really something like, I wonder how it tastes, you could have brought this also to the meet.., May be I will keep saying this to most of your photos as this book seems very interesting.., don’t get annoyed with me :))
    I have a problem with wordpress, so I have to post it with a different e-mail id !!

    1. Hey Jaysri..thank you for visiting here:) Your comment went into spam for some reason…now I have customised your comments so that they are not spammed:)) These do taste amazing. Why in the world should I get annoyed. Please keep visiting:)

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