UK Blogger’s meet and loads of motivation …pithla-bhakri to start with:)

Being a Gemini by birth, I have most of the traits and personalities, I have read in Linda Goodman’s book. Changes, loads of changes I need!! And I love socialising…well I do virtually anyways with you all through my blog and facebook page. And yet another Facebook page I started recently. Well, I will let you know about the latter and changes in the next part of the post. Focusing on socialising, recently I attended a fantastic socialising event. UK bloggers meet…well all Indian bloggers though, hopefully in future, we can rope in bloggers from other cultures too.

After many months of ifs and buts..yes we cans and no we can’ts , finally all met at the Covent Garden in London.  It was such a good idea put forward by Nupur. Our group 8 bloggers, namely Sonal, Jayshri, Jagruti, Suchismita, Nisha and Charu had a gala time chatting, hopping around the food destinations…well there is a big story as to how and why we hopped:)) and yes, munching onto Paul’s macarons was the best part!! No pictures here for everyone’s privacy

The meet made me think a lot. I wanted to something worthwhile rather than just baking, decorating(which of course is my passion) and posting random cooked food details. I had also talked about such desire to Anjali another virtual friend. I must say, she is a gem of a person. Very supportive.  She has a lovely blog. I love her Koli recipes which she posts and has made me her ardent follower!! Please do visit her page…there is something about her page which makes me feel happy.

Last day, Anneliese from Rising to the Berry finished baking all of the 218 recipes from Mary Berry’s ‘Baking Bible’!! What a challenge and inspiration she is…I was hooked on immediately! Ruchira by Kamalabai Ogale has been on my kitchen counter since the last 6 years of my arrival in UK.  Most of my traditional preparations were either from my mother’s or mother-in-law’s suggestions, if not I ended up looking into Ruchira. My dear friend R had given it to me before I got married. This book has been my companion ever since. I talked to husband about my thought. He said, you do adapt the recipes, however, because of our location, there are needs of some changes in the same. It will be challenging yet, it’s going to be our future generation.  Hence, my new venture Ruchira Videshini was born. This category in my blog will have all the recipes adapted from Ruchira and changed as per my terms to suit my needs here in UK.

pithleI will be posting Kamalabai Ogale’s suggestions to help.But mainly it will be twist on it.

Well to start with I have already posted baked bakarwadi and baked chirote. This is the next meal. A very humble meal of pithle and bhakri.  Ruchira has 3 types of bhakris’ mentioned.


Tandalachi(Rice) Bhakri:

Rice flour, to make the dough and some dry flour to roll.

Boiling water


Kamalabai Ogale hasn’t given any measures for this bhakri either.

I followed her method completely and it was quite easy to cook the bhakris’

Pithle: KO mentions about quite a few types of pithle.

Kulithache pithle(horse gram flour is used)

Otlelel pithle  This pithle stays longer in travels.

Ravan pithle: red chilli powder is used to enhance the heat! The name did suggest!

Dudhache pithle : milk is used as against boiling water.

Dahyache pithle  couple of cups of yoghurt makes it slightly different.

Tayar pithle, now this is an interesting one. This is an instant mix which can be used to make pithle wherever you have a source of boiling water.

No water is added. Instead all the dry ingredients are roasted and cooled. This mix will last for 15 days.

Now for a regular Pithla:

Pithle 2

For this you need

1/4 c chickpea flour

2 green chillies( I use less because my son doesn’t like it too hot)

Cumin seeds


Freshly grated coconut and coriander for garnishing(optional)

2 cups boiling water

Phodniche sahitya, which is oil for tempering ,mustard seeds 1 tsp, hing(Asafoetida) 1/4 tsp, turmeric powder 1/2 tsp. If you like, add in amsul (Kokum)as well.

You may use Onions, garlic, White radish, drumsticks.  KO recommends adding them in the tempering(phodni). Also, it helps if pithle is made in an iron vessel, as it enhances it’s taste. Oh! for my lokhandi kadhai!!!

In a kadhai, prepare the tempering with the oil. Once, the oil is hot add in the mustard seeds, when these splutter, add in hing followed by chopped green chillies. Add in 4 cups of boiling water. Add in the salt. Crush the cumin seeds and add them to the boiling water. Now is the tricky part, when you add in the chickpea flour. Add in the chickpea flour in small portions and keep mixing to avoid any lumps. Let this cook for some time When done garnish with coriander and coconut. You may crush roasted cumin and dessicated coconut and garnish with these. The consistency of the pithle can be varied as you wish. To do this you need to add in water to acquire the required consistency.

Here is your pithle ready with the rice bhakris’. This can also be relished with thecha  a side condiment.

I hope you all like my new initiative. Please do let me know about your suggestions and requests if any.


6 thoughts on “UK Blogger’s meet and loads of motivation …pithla-bhakri to start with:)

  1. Good Luck with your plans to try out some traditional recipes by Kamalabai Ogale. I really believe that these traditional recipes are all coming back as they are so much healthier.

  2. Awesome!! Tu US madhe havi hotis…maja aali asti. Tussi gr8 ho….now start planning to open a Ruchira Videshini restaurant in UK. BTW…luved the name of of your new blog. Good Luck!!

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