New abode and a new beginning…

Finally, here I am posting my first of so many drafts. Not that I have missed out cooking and trying out new things but it was the time which I needed to define my feelings. For the last couple of months, all we did was anxiously wait for our house. There were loads of twists and turns on our way. We met loads who helped us out through this difficult situation and some who supported us was so much relief to know that we could express and were being understood. The stress level was uncontrollable. With our parents far away from us and all our near and dear ones showed their concern on phones..still we felt all alone. But as one knows, Stress should be a powerful driving force, not an obstacle. We  patiently waited and sorted out our issues one at a time.

This Akshay Tritaya(24th April 2012) which is the most auspicious day as per the Hindu Calender.  It is believed, any meaningful activity started on this day would be fruitful. Today, I sit with a lovely cup of tea with my laptop on the dining table, in my own dining room. This room is the best in my lovely house. I have personalised it with Warli painting which I always wanted to do. Here is a glimpse of my strokes in this room. I used matt finish black wall paint and loved doing it. Absolutely enjoyed every bit of it. My son was like,” are you sure, aai? Paint on our new walls?” I just gave a “wait and watch ” glance and was a painting like a child, who had been offered some crayons and allowed to scribble on the wall!

I have so many plans to place my handicrafts I have bought from India and other places. Just waiting for my half term break and arrange them around the house. Till I think and decide about finding house for is a partial glimpse of my new place.

I have baked some cakes and am relieved that the oven is in a good condition. It would have been a disaster had that not been the case! This is a third of the new kitchen and I am loving the’s lovely and I can actually move around(well, all I had to do in my old house was spin around and reach:))

I might try and start with some herbs in the green house. The thoughts of summer vacation and the plants not being watered scares me!! Hence, will limit it at the moment.

I will keep posting some more pictures as get each room and it’s wall ready. Till then, keep smiling and be happy!!


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