Neer Dosa/Rice Pancake

It has been quite a long time since I posted on my blog. No, not that I had no time, but just that other commitments were always prioritised and blogging just took a back seat till tonight. So how have you all been?

It has been quite an eventful break….work and home front being pretty hectic , cold snap in the UK, hubby on a long tour(just jealous of him..cause he has his tour to no other place but India….I would like a job like him…..official tours to homeland!!!).  I have been shopping online for my dream home too. Yes, a dream home in UK..not sure when that will materialise but yes, I have some beautiful plans for it. I want one room completely decorated with Indian tribal and folk arts. Shoppo is a lovely place to go shopping guys….I did and got a lovely service. I just can’t wait till all my shopping flies to me..yes in my hubby’s suitcase!! One thing though, I wanted a Bengali sandesh press and edible silver leaves. He hasn’t managed to sort that out for me. Now, these are the first things in my shopping list 🙂 I am also waiting for my huge reclining Lord Ganesh….yes, love it. It was my favourite purchase from a Bengali artist when he had an exhibition in Pune. I will post a picture, once the idol arrives.

I am in the last phase of my half term and soon will be back to work. Loads happened this week again.This Valentine’s was a mixed feeling for me. I spent most of my time baking with my lad and having kids arts workshop and cooking. On the 13th Feb. As I scrolled down my newsfeed on FB, I came to know through Kalyan’s post that a passionate mother, food blogger and a writer was no more. I had never interacted with Raji, not on her blog nor on mine. However, I read all the tributes to her by other fellow bloggers, I came so close to her. I thought I knew her for a long time..she is now my new friend. I thought she was a true inspiration. Such positive vibes one could see through the pictures posted by other bloggers. I thought…life is so unpredictable and that is the reason why God gestured me to be with my son and spend time with him baking and chatting. He is my true buddy…my photographer for my pages. Raji, was in my mind on the 13th and 14th of Feb. And she still is. In one of her articles, she mentioned….It’s difficult to explain how someone outside of your circle of loved ones can be such a significant part of your life that their passing leaves a void that is difficult to fill. If you wish, please visit her blog Peppermill. She was fondly called as Miri.

I baked some Valentine Cupcakes inspired by Sams Kitchen. It was a simple Valentine’s Day for me…making me realise that this life is a gift to us and we must celebrate each and every moment here. Here is glimpse of my baked gift to all my near and dear ones who have touched my life in their own special ways..that includes you all my readers as well 🙂

Honu my friend has tagged me with The Versatile Blogger award. I am sorry Honu, I am absolutely late in posting this time.

The rules for accepting this award are:
1. Add the Versatile Blogger Award.
2. Thank the blogger who nominated you in a post with a link back to their blog.
3. Share 7 completely random pieces of information about yourself.
4. Include this set of rules.
5. Forward this award to 15 fellow bloggers, and inform them with a comment on each of their blogs.

Right 7 random facts about me…

1. I  have a degree in Pharmacy and am a trained Classical Dancer.

2. I love making friends.

3. Loads of things inspire me..including my friends.

4. I miss I miss my festive city Calcutta and MBGHS!!

5. I like it when people smile back at me and those who do not..I GRRRRR at them!!

6. I have two precious jewels…sona(gold in Bengali) my son P and rupan(silver in Bengali)my niece K!

7. My husband R is my best friend!!

So here I come my friends.. so here are some of the  blogs that I nominate for this award, in no particular order:











Surabhi (she does not have a blog but has a facebook page)

Dor (has a FB page)



Raji(I know she is not there to post anymore..but at least I can let her know that she is the most versatile and I know 7 random pieces about her which have truely inspired me.)

It is Shrove Tuesday next week. Pancakes arriving in every kitchen. Dor from La Difference Catering tagged me and some other fellow bloggers to post with pancakes cooked in each of our kitchens. I thought of all the dosas’, dhirde, thalipeeth, pudas…..well these are but pancakes cooked in India. My last post was Besan Puda(chickpea pancake). I thought, I might as well try Neer Dosa. Neer is South India means water. My Aji’s (granny)maternal side are from Karnataka. They prepare these dosas for snacks and accomplish it with some vegetable for a meal. I had never made them before. However, memories of ladies cooking in the kitchen do not fade they. I loved watching my aji, aai(mum), mami(maternal uncle’s wife), mavshi(mother’s sister) preparing all the goodies on our kitchen. Memories of dosas still exist and hence I could make them tonight. I just used a measure of a small cup.

1 cup rice washed and soaked for 5 hours

2 tablespoons of dessicated coconut soaked in warm water(fresh coconut is ideally used)

Salt to taste

Oil to cook them

Drain the rice once soaked. Blitz together rice, coconut with a little water. It will be a smooth batter soon.

Mix in water enough to make a watery, thin batter. Add salt to taste.

Heat a pan. Spread some oil to grease it. Pour in a couple of ladles of the batter and tilt the pan to spread it around in the pan. Lightly spread oil on the edges of the pancake/dosa.

Cover the pan for 2 mins. The sides of the pancake will start leaving the pan. Use a flat edged spoon to lift half of the pancake and fold it half first and then into another half like a handkerchief.

It is soft, white pancake. Place it on a plate hot and serve with green chutney.

I believe the coconut gives these pancake a little body and delicious taste.  It can be eaten with sweetened mix of coconut or even nutella spread I believe.


15 thoughts on “Neer Dosa/Rice Pancake

  1. Thanks for the Award Preeti… I absolutely understand what you have written in the post. Amidst all our chores, we sometimes have to keep blogging behind.

    I will post the Award soon .. 🙂

  2. I have been thinking for a long time to ask my ma and mashi recipe for dosa. Now I don’t have to :-). Thanks a lot yaar. This is a simple dosa and a great one. I think other south Indian dosas are also cooked with daal and rice ground up together. Yummmmyyy…..

    I completely agree with you – life is very precious; you never know what will happen. Enjoy and appreciate each moment. I also had similar list when my hubby went to kolkata – buy some khunti, chaakni, pots and pans, sandesh and other bengali sweet not available here. :-).

  3. Congrats on the award and for such a delicious savoury recipe – one of my faves for sure 😀

    Choc Chip Uru
    Latest: Lemon Polenta Raisin Cookies + Mini Citrus Berry Yoghurt Bundt Cakes

  4. lovely neer dosa. is it difficult to make. I dont know why I could never manage to cook something that I plan and end up doing something that i never thought. this is one such dish…wanting to make for a long time.
    thanks for the award. will post on it soon.

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