Daal-Battya(Daal Baati)

It is the last day of the year and it is the time when I reflect upon the events in the last 365 days…. Yes, it is a huge number of days and I am sure every one of you have some memories to cherish. The most memorable part of this year has been my visit to my loved ones in India. We had a celebration for my husband as well during that stay. R celebrated his 40th birthday. I spent some beautiful moments with my niece-nephews and ajis'(grannies, both mine and R’s) During my stay at my in-laws’ in a small town..I spent all my time experiencing the smallest of activity happening there every minute. We prepared and relished all the traditional food which I had been craving for.

Daal-Battya is typically a traditional Rajasthani preparation. Our town which is in Maharashtra has been influenced by Rajasthani culture. This is because of all the Rajasthani tradesmen residing in this town. Hence few of their rituals and cultures did not need much time to amalgamate into the town’s own ones. Hence Daal- baati is devoured equally by Marathis’ here. Ideally, these are prepared in a ditch dug up in the ground and roasted in the dry soil. My mother-in-law prepares it on a gas tandoor which she calls as gas oven:)

For this you will need:

Prepare a daal/amti. Usually this preparation is made during Holi or Naag Panchami at our place. Hence we have  Puran preparations as well. It is a tradition to relish katachi amti with Puran poli. Battyas’ then are also enjoyed with katachi amti as well. For this you can refer my blog post for the same. Click HERE for the same. If you do not want katachi amti then, add in jaggery and tamarind to give your boiled toor daal a good sweet-sour taste and add in all the masala as stated in the recipe. Boil to get good consistency.

For the Battyas:

Ghee 2 -3 cups melted(yes, I felt guilty watching it, let alone eating this)

Semolina 2 cups

Salt 2 tsp

Whole wheat flour 4 cups

Vegetable oil 3 tablespoons

Mix all these ingredients apart from ghee and make a soft dough with water.  Cover with a wet cloth and keep aside for 15 mins.

Make small balls with dough. In each ball you need to make a well. In this well, squeeze in another small piece of dough which has been dipped generously in melted ghee.

Roll the dough ball into a flattened ball. I have some pictures to demonstrate the procedure:

Prepare such balls with rest of the dough. Place the gas tandoor/oven on the biggest flame. It was a tough time handling it as I had to make sure that it reached the preheating temperature and place the dough balls on them.

Bake the balls for 20 mins on one side till golden brown and then turn over. You may bake this in your oven which is preheated at 180 degrees Celcius. Make sure that it is baked completely as there is another piece of dough inside which needs to be baked as well.

Next comes the most guilt filled part…crush these baked balls slightly and dip them in the melted ghee!!! Leave it for an hour or so..yes to soak in all the fat!!

Serve these with piping hot daal or amti and enjoy!! These battyas’ are crushed in the daal and relished. I have been waiting for 4 long months to post this traditional bake. I had no guts to post because of the ghee involved…but I though it would make an ideal post for Bake-A-thon. Guys, if you are planning to prepare this..please make sure you work hard and burn those calories taken in :)))

This is my last post for this year and Bake-A-thon by Champa. Please check out my other fellow bloggers in Bakethon, who have posted their last post for this event..Champa, Veena and Priya.

Many people look forward to the new year for a new start on old habits…yes I am looking forward to see the changes in my blogging:)) Wish you a Very Happy New Year!!
Updated later:

I baked the battya in the oven and avoided soaking them in ghee. The dough ball was just kneaded and punched in the centre with my thumb. The oven temperature was set to 150 degrees.

Some of my folks boil or steam the dough balls in water.

The dough balls are later sliced and fried in oil.

 Alternatively, the boiled and sliced pieces can be baked in the oven to avoid frying.


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