Fresh Cream Pineapple Cake

This is for a cute little boy who is celebrating his first birthday today. His parents wanted a fresh cream-pineapple cake…strictly no no to chocolates!! Which I believe is good. Guys, I am travelling now, so can’t post a long one here. I shall come back and write more about this in the evening.Till then enjoy the glimpse of my 27th post for Bake-A-thon.

Yes, I am back..enjoying my cuppa…and adding more to this post. We drove for 2 hours to celebrate T’s first birthday. He is the cutest of chap I have ever seen. His parents had dressed him in Indian attire and followed his granny’s instructions of dotting his forehead with a tika(red vermilion mark..usually marked on auspicious occasions) …he reminded us all of baby Krishna(Lord Krishna). I am awaiting more pictures from the family and will post them very soon. Till then, here is the bits and parts for the cake. For the details of the sponge and cream, please check my post on Anniversary cake.

It is a pineapple flavoured sponge. I used whipping cream to frost and sandwich.Also the sponge has pineapple chunks along with cream in the filling. The cherries you see are cocktail maraschino cherries. To add some colour to the cake, I made some gingerbread cookies and cut some fondant animals on each. The animals were painted with edible gel colours.

The cake survived the two hours journey..Phew!! I was worried about the fresh cream as the weather in UK has gone absolutely mild and would have taken toll of my fresh cream..!!

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