Profiteroles for Bake-A-thone day 2

Known in households throughout this country for his work on Masterchef,Michel Roux’s French desserts have always  inspired me…especially loved watching his  profiteroles being made.  You can scarcely turn on the TV these days without seeing the him giving a flamboyant demonstration. For my second bake for Bake-A-thon, I thought of being a little ambitious…oops!!  Keeping my fingers crossed, till my creations are ready.

Check my fellow bloggers on day 2:





Choux pastry:

5 tbsp  butter

100g sifted plain flour

200 ml water

eggs 2 beaten in a separate bowl

Strong pair of hands for stirring 🙂

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees C. In a saucepan put water and butter and bring to boil. Move your saucepan from heat. Add in flour, little at a time and here starts the work out…STIR!!!  Let the mixture cool for some time( I let it cool for 10 mins) lest the eggs will cook.Add in the beaten eggs in small portions and BEAT!!! Phew!! transfer this mixture to a piping bag and pipe balls on a greased pan at a distance. Bake these for 20 -25 mins till golden brown. Bring them out and transfer on cooling rack. Make a small hole in one side of each profiterole with a  skewer to let out the steam. Grab a cup of coffee till these gems cool on your cooling rack.


Whipping cream 200 ml

coffee essence 2 tsp( I like it lightly essenced)

Icing sugar 1 tablespoon( I like it sweet)

Softly whip the cream, sift in the icing sugar and mix coffee essence. Pipe the cream into each Profiterole.

Chocolate sauce:

75 g plain chocolate

1 tbsp butter

2 tbsp water

Gently melt everything in a saucepan until smooth.

Arrange the profiteroles into serving dish.  Pour over the sauce and serve!!! Please rate it, if you like it:)


12 thoughts on “Profiteroles for Bake-A-thone day 2

  1. Priti wish I lived somewhere near you or near any of the participants. you people are baking way too many goodies these days and am tempted to steal a bite. awesome!

  2. Fantastic job well done, its a nice experience to make these gorgeous dessert, only it is tiring when kids ask you to make them again & again, i enjoyed baking them so my family enjoy eating them

  3. From the challenges of yeast baking, to the easiest French patisserie. These are outstanding, very professional. You can make so many marvelous desserts with choux paste, and you proved it, Preeti. Beautiful presentation.

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