Vadapav updated!!!

Yes, remember my post on Shree Krishna Vada Pav last year? Well, after a tiring week at work and teaching sugarpaste  decoration this weekend….all I needed was a ready meal. I pleaded for a dinner out and my dear husband had my wish granted 🙂 I said I have a tickling palate.. yearning for little spice, some tang, piping hot…nothing but Indian street food.  Indian street food has such a special and intimate connection even a child born across the seas will be fascinated at once! I heard about Shree Krishna Vada pav starting Pani puri( oooh! imagine all the spice, tamarind chutney, chickpeas and potatoes with masala in the puris’…just enough to completely fill in your mouth:))

So off to SKVP  we went and absolutely glad we did!! I was surprised by their relocation..looked absolutely grand. Subodh, Sujay and Nikita with their team surely have done a good job!! Hard work put in their guys..could see that.

My son had made his mind up for the Pani Puris and I was not stepping back and my husband joined in..kind of..asel ka changli (do you think it should ok..this is so because we have not tasted the best ..Indian panipuri ever since we arrived in UK). So we ordered ours..thinking it would be served in plates …as they are anywhere else.

To our surprise, we were directed to the side stand..and each Pani puri was served fresh, placed in your plate literally! Ah…ghar ki yaad dila di…so much fun munching on to the spice filled puris’…you can hardly finish one and wait for your turn to get another helping. I popped my usual question (well I know you all do in India as well) ..ek plate main kitne bhaiya and I even finished my pani from the bowl I was served in…tabhi maja ata hai na!  We were served 6 freshly prepared panipuris’ with the right spicy pani, chickpeas cooked with the right masalas and the meetha pani … tak-tuk karega itna acha!! All served in £3. 50. My son, who has had the experience of enjoying street food in India said..I miss the katta (wall by the pani puri wala..where he would perch himself up and enjoy every bite of the meethi pani puri…that is 5 yrs back.) He is 13 yrs old now, but has the street food palate still fresh! He enjoyed it.

We chose Vada pav next. Tried taking a bite..had to wait. It was piping hot!! It was a tough time waiting to gorge in as the vada wafted of it’s hidden treasures. It was difficult adopting the pace of nature… Patience. After a patient wait, we took our much awaited bites. It was the same taste…made with best care. Vada was fried absolutely well and the coconut-garlic chutney was just right. The green chutney completed the pack:)

Well it is just not Pani puri, but SKVP have updated their menu now. With the grand place to sit in and enjoy, you also have the opportunity to enjoy Schezwan vadapav and Schezwan dabeli for just £1.50..mind you the regular vada pav is still a Pound!!! There is choice of grilled sandwiches, bhels and not to forget misal pav. You even get your beloved Thumbs Up!!

The shop also has a ice cream bar and a dessert section by Jaspreet serving varieties of milk shakes and sundaes. I could see Indian sweets rasmalai, rasgulla, gulab jamun and gajar ka halwa.  However, what we wished was a serving of Natural’s ice cream…remember guys sitaphal, chiku, tender coconut ice creams…Ah! for those.

I noticed Chitale products on the guys have caught the right nerve of the community SKVP!! I could see people coming in and enjoying the food served with complete cleanliness and freshness. So much care taken of for everyone’s taste..kyun Pardes lagen na apna, apna!! Shri Krishna Vada Pav is here guys:))

Note there relocation to Unit 115-119 Houslow High Street, Opp.99p Stores, Hounslow, London TW3 1QT

Near by landmarks: Argos, HSBC Bank, Pure Life Furniture Store and New Branch of Costa Coffee

Find then on Facebook as well.

Talk to the team members at:

Sujay 07843247432

Subodh 07824827801

Nikita 07908844977

Psst could anyone pester them to come closer to this end of the county guys!!


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