Chelsea is the colour, Football is the game!

My son turned 13 last month!! Son, you outgrew my lap, but never my heart.  ~Author Unknown.  Mum of a teenager..just can not believe it!! I have watched my son make his little movements, had sleepless nights changing his diapers or when he was unwell and watched him stand up on his legs for the first time and walk holding my finger take his tender steps!! But hey, the years did fly!! My little bundle of joy, whom I could hold in my arms has shot up taller than me now:) He is a lovely lad, very kind and caring. I have seen him speak kind words always and is gentle with every creature. I am glad God has given me the strength to nurture him to a good human being. I wish I could capture these lovely moments for ever…let him be little and cute baby for me. Reminds me of the song…“let them be little”  

I am not sure of you all mother’s of teenagers..but of late I see him more as a friend than my baby! We share loads of  moments together. I hope I continue to do so and see him grow into a smart, young man. P is a Chelsea fan. An absolute die hard Chelsea fan!!

You know what his anthem is:

We’re all together, and winning is our aim

So cheer us on through the sun and rain

’cause Chelsea, Chelsea is our name..

Well I had to bake his favourite theme cake. This is a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling. The icing is white fondant with four premade stamps with edible inks. The central logo is handmade. I had a tough time carving the logo in the centre though!! But it turned out to be alrighty!!


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