Another farewell ..

This summer, I am a bit sad. Two of my best colleagues have retired.  I had baked one retirement cake on Thursday and the other the following Monday.This is for my first buddy at work. She is such a lovely lady, very modest and I have not met anyone like her before.

I wished to give her my best wishes for her retired life. This I conveyed through my chocolate sponge. I wanted to give her something delicate and soft like her. This chocolate sponge has chocolate buttercream filled in. I iced it with white sugarpaste and added mauve daisies on it..not more, not less but just enough to make this piece look right.

I will miss her a lot when I get back to work this autumn.  Sorry, guys, could not write much in this post. It is such a feeling..mixed I will say, that I am sad that I will not see them, however I am happy for my friends that they have worked hard till date and deserve this retirement. So a very happy retirement to them!


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