Retirement cake

I was thinking about retirement. How does one feel when retiring from work? Sad, happy, is it a mixed feeling ..a feeling of satisfaction..insecurity? Do not know, possibly I shall know when it is my turn to retire in future. Perhaps, it is the discovering the beauty of time itself. Possibly there is another life after retirement…something much more deserved after the slog and all the hard work.

This is a retirement cake I made for a guardian angel.   She guided me through out my learning process at work. My learning will go on, but she will not be there to guide me or help me sort out things.  I had nothing special to give her as a gift, but a dream schedule which she would love.

I baked this chocolate cake and iced it with white buttercream. It had chocolate buttercream filling. The clock, I made using edible rice paper and edible inks for the black writing on it. I conveyed my message through green buttercream.

I am sure this lady will have a lovely retirement and a healthy life ahead. I will always remember her for all the guidance and support she gave me to settle in my work and track my potential in the right path.

I hope you all like this cake decoration.


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