Multisports sugarpaste activities on my cake and blog anniversary..

Hi guys, this is my 40th cake since I started last year and guess what it’s is my blog anniversary tomorrow…so on that note a little fun with sugarpaste. Co- incidently, my 1st and the 40th cakes baked and decorated were  for my same friend’s daughter !! She is a little tomboy, hates wearing skirts a matter of fact..she hates pink!!! Yes, she does.

As for my blog anniversary..I never thought I could carry on consistently. This is all possible because of you guys sending in so much of love and appreciation.  Although I had couple of pages ready in the month of June last year, it was exactly a year back that I sat back and decided to write my first post…Suji halwa/ sheera!!!

Things have been a bit too busy…I am hoping to relax and write better and longer posts very soon. Till then here is a glimpse of my multisports work:

She sent me an email detailing what exactly she wanted on her cake….a football, a basketball, a set of skittles and few balloons. I checked if she wanted pink balloons..NOOOO!! she yelled on the phone.

So here is some fun on my cake….covered all in sugarpaste and modelled with sugarpaste. This was a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filled in. Linking this to Patty’s weekend wrap up!!


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