Last 5 weeks have been amazing.  It all started with my birthday and my birthday gift. I celebrated my birthday last month and received an amazing gift.  My niece in India baked a lovely cake for me. My husband baked blackforest not once but twice during that day…one for my students and colleagues and another for me again in the evening!! Here is a glimpse of the love showered on me…

My niece baked this with my sister:)
My loving husband's creation:)

And now for the gift!! I have just finished my Diploma in Sugarpaste which was my best birthday gift ever. I have been busy very creatively during the last 5 weeks:) I have been posting the photographs every week, however did not manage writing a post for my blog. I am so sorry about this. But here we are. Have a look at all the hard work put in, please click on the picture for better view:

I learnt about embossing and frilling….it was quite a tough time getting a frill around a circle!!! Anyways, I did it :))

Further,I learnt about modelling animals using sugarpaste….the most enjoyable lesson of all!!

Next was bows and sugar roses. I also made a rocking horse using florist’s paste. The mice bride and the groom were for homework 🙂

Last but not the master piece. I hardly had time to think during week to decide about the master piece. This is so because I am doing a teaching course as well. So the assignments took a hell lot of time and all I could think for my master piece was a peacock on top of a stacked cake. I so much wanted an Indian theme, but circled down to this maroon peacock on the white sugarpaste.

That was a reflection of my lovely birthday gift..I hope you all enjoy it going through it as well!!


9 thoughts on “Reflections….

    1. Sayantani, I tried working out posting bigger picture but it stretched and spoiled the whole effect. Hence thought of posting collage which can be clicked for better view.

  1. Oh lovely!! Happy Birthday to you first!! Oh.. what lovely cakes…

    Oh.. your work is lovely.. Where did you do the Diploma in Sugar paste?? I’d love to try… Email me the details.. My brother is a pastry chef.. do have a look at some of his work.. but he totally hates working with sugar..

    I totally love that peacock you’ve done.. its stunning!! I’ve been begging my bro.. to make a peacock for me.. 

  2. ur a natural when it comes 2 art, so no wonder ur soooo good with ur icing n decorationsl, i simply luv each one of them n m so looking forward 2 sinking my teeth in atleast some of them

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