I am a Notable Newbie:))

I came back from work and checked my email and this is what I found waiting for me.  A Notable Newbie Award at Blogadda!!  Thank you very much Blogadda!! And of course everyone of you. It is your love and encouragements which keep me going.

It is nearly a year that I am enjoying this virtual world. I have made loads of friends some who are foodies, some designers and some ardent bakers.  I sometimes wish I had all the time to cook, bake and blog:) 

It is time to celebrate here at my blog!!! I work full time in a special needs school and also teach Indian crafts and arts in a Life long Learning sector. This takes up my weekdays and I get my weekends to indulge into things I like. At present I am doing a Teaching course and also a Cake decorating diploma(which is my birthday present). I  shall get back to blogging with full swing very soon once all my submissions are over. Till then keep visiting and do not forget to comment. As your comments are always welcome and will help me in future.


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