Trail down Bhagwad Gita

My half term break started with a cake baking and a lovely trip to Bhaktivedanta Manor(a home of Hare Krishna Movement). It was at an hour’s drive from my place.

Located in a serene area, near Watford. We parked our car and as I stepped out, I could smell something. This smell was very strong and I could identify it very quickly as I took a quick glance at the surrounding.

I could see some cows in a shed(Goshala). My son was begging to move away from that place(while I was being dragged to the Goshala). I narrated my childhood to him and holidays in Ambejogai when I visited my grandparents. My grandparent’s house was located adjacent to a gotha(Goshala) and we were quite used to the strong odour in the Gotha. Infact, I remember playing hide and seek with my cousins and collecting cow dung-pies for my granny’s stove. I could see the strange look on my son’s face(quite strongly asking me “aai, how could you?”)

As we stepped out of the parking, we took a short walk (2 mins) to the main place. It was located in a beautiful surrounding. A carpet of greenery stretched across the place. Few people sat on the greenery chanting”Hare Rama, Hare Krishna”. I saw a man(seemed to be a European) with a harmonium(Indian keyboard instrument) chanting the Krishna jaap. He sat under a tree, unaware that we were actually staring at him.  He was more concerned with his chanting.

I was expecting a temple like construction at this place. Instead what we came across was a Manor. We took our shoes off and stepped in. A pleasant aura filled the place. We could hear someone giving a discourse in a big hall. As we entered this hall, we saw beautiful idols of Lord Krishna and Rama with Sita and Lakshmana were adorned on one side of the room. On the other side I could see a huge idol of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. A gentleman was sitting and giving a talk to a crowd. We sat down to join the group. He was explaining the mortals and immortals in our lives. He explained how our soul never dies but finds another body at the end of a life cycle,exemplifying with an example of a shirt. Just like one finds another shirt when a shirt is torn. My son looked at me. I could see that he understood what it meant. I thanked the Lord for guiding me to this place. We heard about Karma(deeds) and Kaal(Time) as well. My son had imbibed some good thoughts. I wish we had come a little earlier, because the discourse came to an end. We went for Idol Darshan and stepped out of the Manor.

We were offered Prasad outside. A wholesome meal of puri-chole,khichadi, sheera and blackcurrant drink. We had the Prasad in the serene suroundings sitting on the picnic benches. Children ran around chasing the rabbits. Some people sat down for peace and others chanted Krishna!When we finished our Prasad,we took a stroll down the woods. I am glad, we did. I am not going to write about my experiance down this woods, but will let the pictures speak.

Our last stop was at the Goshala. Here I came to know that Ahimsa milk is produced at this place.

that's my hand...

Ahimsa milk is produced to the highest possible Vedic standard which means cows are never slaughtered when they have reached the end of their productive life. Instead, they will be retired and given sanctuary.

At the end of the trip as I sat down in my car, I realise, P my son had not complained about the strong odour in the Goshala this time:) Maybe he too is getting used to it. I am glad about it as well. I will make sure that we visit this place more often.  As we drove away from this place, I kept thinking about this revolution for solution.

Other glimpses at the Manor are here; I hope you all like this post. I am sending this t0 Patty for the weekend wrap up.

Tulasi plants..

I saw number of Tulasi plants in the green house …a beautiful site!!


Did not miss out food at this place:)


6 thoughts on “Trail down Bhagwad Gita

  1. Very nice place. Wanted to visit ISCKON here but didn’t . We have a member ship in India. We used to visit regularly. I was missing our visit to ISCKON.
    Thanks for uploading this. Now I can plan a visit.

  2. very beautifful pace i visited uk few years back nice places to see. 1st time here do visit my ste
    have u recieved my recipe? in Satyani’s event

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