Glory, glory Manchester United!

Summer half term has just started. I started it with a cake baking and decorating. This is for a couple’s son who has his birthday during Easter but is celebrating it with his friends today. We met this couple just a week back at a friend’s place. The lady who is Kashmiri, is married to a Marathi gentleman. This is kind of same as my brother. He too, is married to a Kashmiri.  When I met this couple at my friend’s place, I do not why but it forced me to think about my brother and his wife in their place.I imagined them 10 years from now, mature(my bro is going to bash me….don’t take me wrong, he is mature and so is his wife),grown up talking to their kid. It is quite a nostalgic feeling in all to see your kid sibling grown up, married and taking all the responsibilities in life. Back to the cake:)

This is a chocolate sponge, with chocolate buttercream filling. I used the Manchester United colours of yellow,red, black and white buttercream for this cake. I must mention, my son(who is a Chelsea fan) was my strictest critic! As I struggled with the logo, he visited me by my table and commented couple of things which have actually helped the cake look better.

It was quite an experience creating this cake. Mainly because the logo was all buttercream. But it was fun after all!!


11 thoughts on “Glory, glory Manchester United!

    1. Thanks Sayantani. It was bit tricky decorating this logo though. All said and done, am pleased with the final results. How are you doing? When do you plan to be back?

  1. Priti need your help. am planning to buy a book on baking which will include both savory and sweet bakes. was thinking of Rachel allen’s bake but the measures there are all in weights…I dont have a kitchn scale so find it a bit difficult. also have heard that the book dont contain much pictures of the final dish. another one am considering is dorie greenspan. any idea about that one? which one you recommend?

  2. Its simply amazing…It must have taken you pretty long to decorate it…I loved the detailing in the logo.

      1. Oh yes just read the post…..Thanks for all the things u have mentioned in the post.
        Will ask K to read it now…Didn’t get time to read it earlier…I just got back and thought of going through it, though K had already asked me to do that..And the cake is superb. I am sure that the family must have loved it..

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