May Birthdays!!!

A huge number of my relatives are celebrating their birthdays this month.  Being far away from everyone literally  makes me sad at times. However, since last year I learnt that I can bake and decorate on such occasions. I celebrate their special days by baking something especially for them. I baked and carried this to a friend’s place for dinner. I was very that all the kids enjoyed it(I didn’t have it, as my friend had prepared a lovely dessert..I loved the fact that the kids wanted a second helping)

I love chocolate and read a lot about chocolate and it’s applications in many desserts. Rachel Allen is my favourite. I just reading her books when I am not baking or cooking. This helps me think about something new make next time.

This is simple chocolate cake with Belgian chocolate drizzle. This chocolate I bought in Belgium last month. It is not cooking chocolate but milk chocolate. I just melted it and drizzled it over this chocolate sponge. Doted this cake with few canned peaches and strawberries!!

Happy birthday to my dear ones and to you all if you are May born:))))

And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.
Abraham Lincoln ~


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